Does this look like a disc caliper mount?

Well technically there would be the same action with a hub adapter, given it doesn't slip- and thats my concern, good brakes should be considerably more powerful than the engine.

I need to source a quality spoked rim then, buy another damned sprocket and a freewheel cog.

Just spent $50 upgrading the wheel already.
The nickel and dime effect. Lol.
I have used only disc brake type wheels. One look at the rag joint and said no thanks, even the hub adapter is less than ideal.

CDH has a sprocket disc adapter set up. Don't know if it is worth the money or not.
Space is the issue with this, people attach the sprocket to the disc brake mount with a spacer and the disc on top of it all. I believe Damien said a 36 tooth is as large as you can go but I did get a 40 to work but took a lot to make that happen.

One thing that bugs me about this set up is it all comes down to 6, 5mm bolts screwed into the aluminium hub to hold the show together.

It is what it is unless there was a steel hub with 1/4 bolts, that would make me feel better about it.
Easy would be a set of tri's but I don't trust them for my weight.