Dogs under attack

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  1. beachcruiser

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    I guess a person will never really know what lengths a city council
    will go to when generating income for a city. This one requires dog
    owners to buy a $100,000.00 insurance policy for each dog they own,
    in case the dog should bite someone.

  2. Mountainman

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    pit bulls stink

    for pit bulls this sounds like a great idea

    say what you will out there
    many people killed each year by the #1 killing dog -- PIT BULL

    also known to be jealous of little children
    in the families where they live
    often times killing them !!!

    here in San Diego some years back
    two pit bulls killed little girl from their own family

    teen beauty queen at party with pit bull -- nose bit off and gone !!!

    don't know what to do with those things
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    A $100,000 insurance policy is ridiculous.

    But I dont' see that the city itself will generate any income from that. but it does look to me like one more example of how our society has forgotten that it's wrong (and stupid) to make rules for people unless they are really, really needed.

    Whether to see one particular breed as needing special rules or not is hard for me to say.
    I've always been sympathetic to pit bulls. Likeable dogs. But I've also seen evidence that they are more dangerous than others. Nothing definitive, I guess. Just reason not to throw the idea out of court.

    Maybe restrictions on a couple of particular breeds aren't out of order.

    Have you noticed how hard it is becoming to merely avoid being illegal in some way or other? It takes money and real effort.
  4. SimpleSimon

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    I've been attacked by dogs twice in my life. First one was a german shepherd when I was seven, and he tore me up. The second was a registered Dalmatian when I was 16 - which I killed then and there. Requiring liability insurance for dog owners is no more unreasonable than requiring it of automobile owners.

    No sympathy for this one.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    But automobiles kill 40,000 plus Americans per year. I don't think I've ever heard figures on property damage, but it doesn't seem unreasonable to assume that it's quite a bit.

    How many Americans are killed by dogs? 100? That's only a guess. But I'd be surprised if it was very much more than that?

    I'm not unsympathetic to those harmed by dogs. But bankruptcy is the inevitable result for a society that seeks to force indemnification for every conceivable risk.
  6. SimpleSimon

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    This society is already bankrupt by any reasonable measure, both economically and morally.
  7. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    When it comes right down to it, I don't see auto insurance as an absolute necessity for our society. We could get the death toll and property damage totals down a great deal by reducing auto use (ie; driving two blocks for a twelve pack) and better, much better, driver education.

    Even if this didnt' totally eliminate the need for insurance, it would at least reduce the bill by a good deal.

    and even if this society is already bankrupt, I think it's too early for total despair.
    We could still redeem ourselves, if we put our minds to it.

    But now I'm getting a bit off-topic. sorry. I'll stop and only come back if I can think of something pertaining to dogs.
  8. bikebum1975

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    Ya know the whole problem isn't with the Pit Bull itself I have a friend she has one and the dog is friendly towards everyone. It is the morons that raise them to be a fighting dog thus the name Pit-bull so they aren't bad dogs. I personally wouldn't own one just cause of the bad wrap they have received. Unfortunately as with other things a few idiots take something and ruin them. The AKC has been trying to get their name changed. But I doubt that will help them any. Too bad they are kind of a cool looking dog too.
  9. bluegoatwoods

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    I used to doubt the notion that pit bulls were any more dangerous than any other dog. To me they seemed friendly and intelligent.

    But a half dozen years back we were given a puppy that I'm sure was a mutt, but with a strong pit bull appearance. He was a happy puppy. and we did not mistreat him. But about adulthood he became (and I'm not really exagerrating badly) a blood crazed lunatic.

    My first sign of trouble was when he and I had a nearly-knockdown-drag out fight. The most serious fight I've ever had with a dog. I really thought I'd have to hurt him badly to save my own skin. Luckily he backed down. I should have known that this was something to be concerned about, but it seemed more like a fluke than anything. I figured I had somehow frightened him into thinking he was in danger.

    then, not too long after, the twelve year old boy a few doors down came knocking on our door. The dog came up behind him and ripped his leg, just above the knee, wide open. In the morning I knew what had to be done. I loaded him up in the cab of my pickup truck (feeling guilty and awful) and was shocked when he started clawing and growling at the window at a couple of lady joggers that we passed.

    The trip ended at the animal control place and he was put down.

    I give you my word; we were nice to that dog. I don't know what went wrong with him.

    But now I believe it when they say that some breeds are more dangerous than others.
  10. SimpleSimon

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    bgw, I do understand and really at heart agree - chalk it up to a really bad day. My apologies.

    American Staffordshire Terriers - pit bulls - or American Pit Bull Terrriers are dogs bred to fight. They have, over many generations been selectively bred for extreme aggression tendencies. Yet they remain dogs - in other words, pack animals. Pack heirarchy in canine terms is determined by aggression levels and behaviors, and having been bred to accentuate those behaviors, controlling a mature pit bull is a matter of convincing the dog that you are the alpha mutt. Not only must you convince the dog of that fact, but you must socialize him/her to a "pack" role that puts him below the other human members od the pack/family, and KEEPS him there. He will challenge that role placement.

    Unfortunately, non-pack members invading pack space (the neighbors son) are fair game as interlopers, and possible competitors in the pack heirarchy. Puppies instictively react subserviently and display surrender behaviors when challenged by a mature pack member - human children do not. If you do not understand canine psychology and are not prepared to properly invest the time and intensive effort needed to control a highly aggressive dog, then having that dog put down is the best choice, hard as it can be.
  11. KilroyCD

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    This discussion has been dwelling on one breed in particular, and the message of the original post has been lost in the interim. The ordinance is calling for a $100,000 insurance policy for each dog owned. This is utterly ridiculous. Just consider an elderly widow with her faithful, and possibly elderly Yorkie. C'mon city council, ya really think a dog like that is a liability? Or take my faithful English Springer Spaniel "Cocoa", who doesn't have a mean bone in his body. If someone was to break in, he'd show them where the silver is. I'd be more likely to bite someone than he. To require a $100,000 liability policy on each and all dogs owned is ridiculous.
  12. machiasmort

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    Appearing as pictured, good thing the taxes ain't 10 cents a flea!

    Just joking Kilroy, you make good point tho.

    One of my best friends had two pits. Most intellegent and loyal dogs I've ever seen. They are certainly to be respected tho. They'd both team up and play, one mouth on each jacket sleave. They'd drag me accross the floor fighting to stop them! When your in that position your done if it was for real but they were just having fun. Got old and are gone now.

    You have to really understand dogs before you own one like a pit.
  13. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Kilroy articulated the argument against blanket dog regulation perfectly.

    It's a ridiculous notion.
  14. Mountainman

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    an excellent point made

    good point made

    these pit bull types require from at the very least
    some special time spent with the owners
    and should never be left alone to wander the streets

    when I worked for the Parks Dept -- City of San Diego
    while near the Parks in the ghetto
    we saw many a pit bull running the streets wild
    those owners don't care
    if sued they don't own anyTHING anyway
    many gang banger's own pit bulls

    all in all after many years of study from up top the mountain


  15. well lets go one better how about an ordinance to have dogs euthanized for excessive barking?

    I havent kept up but it has been in papers for some time & supposedly passed, it is in my neighboring county. do a google for Henry County.

    as for pit bulls sister inlaws daughter had one that was great to everyone except me & wife he tried to attack us on numerous occasions gun fire to ground stopped him, & did attack our dog unprovoked one time, we all lived on same farm & the dog lived aprox 1000 feet away. she moved it to her brothers place to avoid me shooting it. the dog would come after me on tractor when I was bush hogging or doing anything on the farm & would try to jump on tractor while snarling.

    so far that is only dog not to get along with me. & my neighbors where I grew up bred pit bulls. & they all got along with me good.

  16. RdKryton

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    I agree with Kilroy. A $100,000.00 insurance policy for a barking rat is ridiculous. If a 3lb dog comes charging at me I'll just punt it into the next county....

    PS Don't get me wrong, I like animals. I am a dog owner myself but that law is just nutz.
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  17. Pablo

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    I would say this is a bit overboard.

    Chancho and Vanilla aren't biting anyone. Loafing (and sometimes barking at Jim) are all they do. Besides if they wanted to bite.....light weights.

    I would agree....sounds like an insurance lobbiest got to your leg./council....
  18. machiasmort

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    Somtimes a dogs actions are misunderstood. My buddies pit got into a tug of war over a snow shovel with his father when he first got her. His Dad thought the victor of the exhibition was serious and ran for his gun only to be stopped by his Son. The dog put holes in the aluminum,haha.

    Only the shovel and the stories of that old dog live on. That dog was darn smart and loyal. I was with him when he threw a stick into the Niagara River (5" round log). Without delay or seconds notice the dog jumped right in and almost drowned us all trying to get her out. We forgot she was even with us (walked very well off of a leash). Despite taking on water (couldn't lift her head high enough w/the branch) she refused to drop the dang thing, prompting us to have to jump in!

    People letting dogs (any) run unsupervised should be locked up for a long time MM.
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  20. Mountainman

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    Judge Joe Brown -- TV judge -- case involving pit bull attack

    case in small claims court
    Judge Joe Brown holds up chart showing
    attacks by pit bulls out number all other breeds -- by far
    chews out pit bull ownes bigtime -- as they lose their case

    pit bulls like to bite those THINGS