Doh!!!! I lost the pin out of the clutch!


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2:23 AM
May 5, 2008

I did soething really stupid, and what it boils down to is the fact I have lost the metal rod that activates the clutch with the ball bearing. I have the bearing, just not the rod.

I have thoughts on how to make another one, but I need the dimensions of one so I can go to the hardware tomorrow.

A picture of the pin I'm missing is attached.

I'm quite peeved at myself right now!

Can someone measure theirs, and post the length (the diameter I can figure out by the hole size! :)


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Sweet ,
I got a motor as part of the furniture at present

PIN is
28mm long
7.9mm wide.

sweet! I'll go to the hardware tomorrow to find an appropriate bolt / rod

I wonder... Does it matter if the rod is threaded? I have a high tensile 8mm bolt here, that I can chop the end off.

Another thought I had, was what if I were to round the end, that the clutch lever activates, would that improve operation?
It may catch and lock up your clutch lever when you're trying to pull it in if its threaded... then again it may work just fine the only real way to find out is to try it... but I'd prefer to get something as close to original or better if possible if it were me.