Doing my first build. Holy Cow!

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    Hey guys,
    Been lurking here a little while and decided to sell my 50cc scooter and build a motorized bike. This forum seems to know the most. Been looking for a 2 stroke, reliable/quality kit. That's where the "holy cow" part comes in. There are just soooo many out there and I'd at least like to get some input from people who have some experience in building and riding these. Do I go ebay and eliminate the middle man distributor, or go with a company I could actually talk to. Also, is a balanced crank that much better? I'm about 250 lbs., so I may be looking for some upgrades to haul my butt around a little quicker. I.E performance carb, exhaust etc... Probably going to shop Craigslist for the bike. Looking at a cruiser or hybrid. Any suggestions on a kit and upgrades would be greatly appreciated. I'll be posting progress via pics/videos as I go.

    I'm looking at this bike, possibly. It does have a grip shifter though. How do I get around that? Any thoughts on seat shock and front shock?

    The bike is like this Sedona but not a 2014 where they angled down the front bar.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Take a look at the REAL Grubee Skyhawk kits BirdDog carries.

    $150 and best standard engine out there, been using only them for years because of the quality, like balanced crank, and ready to go right of the box without having to break them open to get all the sh*t out first, AND the only actually EPA approved kit.

    You can fit most any gas engine the
    Sedona lx Giant brand men's bike

    But you won't get any gas engine in the center cavity of the
    The 2014 Giant Sedona

    What you can do with that however with electric with a triangle battery pack, and they are really cool because you can use you bikes gears with engine power.