Doks Cafe Racer Build

Well good things cant last i guess. Need to move over to the spare engines jug already. Snapped a exhaust stud inside the manifold. Spare jug will need to be broken in and used while i extract the damaged hardware. lesson learned i guess. Dont trust chinesium bolts. Shoulda listened and shoulda known better.
New rear rack, helmet and saddle bags. Need to rework the exhaust as it snapped at the mounting bracket.


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9" x 11" x 5" is a perfect size for a M/B and those don't break the bank

Yep gotta have bags for tools and supplies, I've had these on my Whizzer for over 18 years
That is such a sick setup

With these two small bags, i have eliminated having to carry a backpack. the left bag has all my tools and the right side has spare oil, bike lock and some room for a drink and snack