doller general 2 stroke oil????

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by adam valentine, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Ok guys I was at the dollar general killing time and i noticed 2 stroke oil for ...80 cents a bottle then i looked even closer and read coastal 50:1 oil is this true have you tried it and how do you like it
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  2. i have seen the coastal 2 stroke oil in a few places. i think advance auto carries it. i have never tried it though. it probably wouldnt be too awful since its atleast a name brand. but im the type that always gets the best most premium of any product. so i havent bought any nor probably would i. but that doesnt mean it wouldnt be good oil... and 80 cents a bottle. cant beat that... (of corse, what size bottle are we talkin? haha)
  3. 2.6 oz its for 1 gallon soo 80 extra cents per gallon of gas
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    I'm new to this motor-bike thing, but I've been using DG oil in my cheap weed wacker for 8 years and it still running like a champ. Thats what I'm going to use.
  5. do you use it 32:1 or 50:1?
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    know, notta anether oil thred.

    Itz fine oil and if you ken git it cheep, it'll b ok particularly sence everywon hear yusez two much oil anyway.
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    Was that English ? Holy sh*t... Most butchered English I've ever come across
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    dallor general 2 stroke Its fine to use it I used it in my 2002 Yamaha pw80 gallon gas tank and I used there 6.4Fl and did the correct ratio it runs fine and seems OK but with there 2 stroke i run out of gas fast with it but at family dollar they have cheap 8oz bottle of 2 stroke and you put the whole bottle in for a gallon or more and it runs nice and the bike last a long time on a tank of gas