Dolomite... Will it fit?

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    New guy here... Did a search and nothing came up under Dolomite.
    Did some deeper digging on the net and found some specs - scroll down. Will the
    80cc 2-stroker fit?

    I am aware that some additional problems will be encountered:
    1. Offset engine mounts & offset the rear sprocket so the chain clears the fat tire.

    2. Probably offset the carburetor so it fits in the frame,

    3. Rear disc brake may make things tricky with the rear sprocket on that side.

    4. May need wider cranks with the engine offset so far to the left.

    *I credit Matt from "bicycle_motor_works" for the insight into the additional problems to be encountered.


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    i plan on doing this build

    i ordered a dolomite just to do a 80cc kit on i have my motor kit a bigger carb and an expantion pipe . as faras the sprocket and disc brake there is a parti found and ordered called a top hat adaptor which allowsyou to use both disc and sprocket at the same time and eliminates the sandwich mounting method. it can be don i saw a fat bike with the kit on ebay for sale. so go for it . i will keep you posted on my progress and please let me know what you come across . im sure it will be a sweet ride once finished
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    You could also use a shift kit, easy way to get by the tire clearance, lets you use a disc brake without mods, and gives you functioning gears on the engine.
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    shift kit or jack-axle will both cure any offset issues. offset just looks lame...
  7. KCvale

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    You are going to be hard pressed to fit a 66cc (there is no such thing as an 80cc) engine in a dolomite cleanly, it is pretty tight.

    A 50V Lithium Ion triangle battery and 48V 1680W BLDC motor fits in nice however.



    A better fat tire bike choice for a 2-stroke with expansion chamber and jackshaft is the Sun Crusher.



    They are both a challenge simply because of the super wide BB.

    Note the electric kicks the gas off the line and they run at about the same at top end, but if you want to trail ride the thing electric is better as there is no clutch and they don't stall.
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    Anyone know about the dk duke aluminum big tire bike? Will a 66 fit?
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    Well since we are digging up old threads... Here's a pic of a guys bike who lives near me.

    66cc, and a jackshaft. Also recently had the billet head from bicycle_motor_works in it too, that's a large head and it still fit in that frame.

    It's been done, and can be done many times over again. As far as wheel clearance goes on a single speed, invest in the hub clamp for the sprocket, you can get a long armed one and manage like that, or get a disk brake extention and use a disk brake mounted sprocket.

    Have fun.

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    nice, he has that 5L red gas tank from puerto rico seller. it looks much nicer than their stock pictures on an actual bike.