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  1. MyPC8MyBrain

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    I commute 12 hilly miles on an electric hub motored bicycle.
    I'm currently laying out plans for E-Bike V2.
    Wanting to integrate a large RC electric motor onto a crapmart cruiser bike.
    Looking at stealing some existing knowledge from the gas gang on the build, primarily in the gearing, belt drive arena.

    I already posted in a couple other threads first... mostly because I'm a rebel nonconformist :shock:

  2. Skyliner70cc

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    Welcome. Please share details regarding your setup. I'm curious how much range do you have, how fast can it go, and how does it do on those hills up there? Do you have to recharge at work?

    I'd love to do a hybrid bike one day. A 4 stroke frame mounted bike and a electric hub for front wheel and some lightweight lithium batteries. I'd use the electric engine for the bike dirt trails and only fire up the engine on the street.

    Welcome again. Where in Colorado are you? I just moved temporarily from Colorado to Arkansas for a year or so.
  3. MyPC8MyBrain

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    Grubee 500watt front hub motor with a 48v 20ah duct tape LiFePO4 cell from china.

    I've never run it to the end but im pretty sure it will get 50 miles with some pedaling help up the hills.

    Colorado Springs...there is no flat riding here. Built the electric to commute on. I used to ride my road bike but got tired of changing clothes and showering several times a day. With the electric I can ride in my dockers and go straight to my cube without being sweaty.
  4. Skyliner70cc

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    Thanks for the info. I just moved from Colorado Springs to Arkansas but we'll be moving back next year. We miss it terribly.

    Drive carefully, autos and bikes occasionally meet.