Done, but dealing with problem after problem =D

New update.

Well, I thought I could complete it by today but that didn't work out because of a few problems that I had to creatively work my way out of. Will finish this tomorrow.

Firstly, I painted all the parts this morning, so when I got back in the afternoon I could just assemble.

First thing I did was put the tires on the rims and mount them on the bike, along with the handlebars and seat, to get a feel for how it will ride. The rusted seatpost that was stuck in there was hacksawed off, and I couldn't add a new tube for the frame, so I stuck the nose of the seat onto the stubby post, and came up with 4 different ways to get the back end stable... This took most of my time.


You can see here how I stuck the front of the seat onto the frame, the back end was held on rigidly with a steel stick used to hold reflectors. When I sat on it, it immediately squished flat and rubbed the wheel.

Strange thing about this frame is that the small bar on the rear that normal is used for brakes, or reflectors, or fenders is that the hole in it was drilled vertically, making it impossible to attach regular reflectors or fenders, or brakes to it. So I hacksawed 3 inches of my old seatpost and cut notches into it to grab onto the small accesory bar (Don't know it's name.) Used heavy duty zip ties to keep it down onto the frame. My body weight kept it down, but it could be lifted off the frame and stolen. so this fixes that. This new mount is pretty sturdy and holds my weight, Will do until I find something better.

I don't have a pic of this yet.

So at this point I looked at my frame for anything else I missed, and I realize that it doesn't have mounts for brakes.....

I find a small hole in the front forks and ripped off some crappy brakes from an old bike. Going to mount these on tomrow.

Got the engine mounted, I didn't realize how much extra space this frame has inside it. I need suggestions for filling this space. Some will already be used for the battery for the lights, and a small toolpouch for road repairs.

Here is what it looks like, it got too dark to work on it any further. The front rim is off becuase it's being painted right now, the only part I forgot.
Re: New update.

JosephGarcia said:
I didn't realize how much extra space this frame has inside it. I need suggestions for filling this space.

Racing number...... 8)

few problems...

The original drive chain wasn't long enough, and the motorcycle stores around here don't have it in stock. So I have to order it online somewhere and wait like a week before I can really ride it.

Second, the forks are very slightly wobbly when turning, and tightening the headset parts only makes it not turn.

Third, my standard position for the footpegs (in the hole used by the pedal crank dealie) Makes the knee angle too sharp and very uncomfortable for riding. So I will have to put some footpegs 7 inches back on the tubes that connect the rear wheel instead, which will be hard to figure out.

enjoy the pics.



Nice jorb Joe.

But wait! There's hope for the foot peg thing. Just get a pair of those clamp on style aftermarket pegs.

Bikeguy Joe said:
Nice jorb Joe.

But wait! There's hope for the foot peg thing. Just get a pair of those clamp on style aftermarket pegs.


Give me a link of where to buy them, I wouldn't know exactly what to look for if I try to look myself. Thanks.
Tightened up the forks, they don't wobble now. I checked out those footpeg thing some of you guys showed me, but the bars I'm putting the onto are horizontal, and these seem to be for vertical, or slightly angled bars. So putting them on horizontal bars would make them slide around and not work.

Thanks for those links though. I'll probably make my own out of steel pipe and attach it right where the kickstand attaches. There is 3 inches of clearance where the bars are an inch away from each other, I have ideas for what I want to put there

enjoy the less blurry pics.

My first motoredbike.

My all new one. :D


When riding this bike the first thing you notice is how low everything is, the exhauyst is 3 1/2 inches from the ground, the engine is very low in the frame, and the seat is barely 2 feet off the ground. The position of the handlebars makes for an interestingly comfortable position. People see it and wonder if it hurts to ride but then they get on and see it's pretty comfy.

Because all the weight of the bike is so low, it balances amazingly well.

Even though all it does is roll, it even does that in style, rolling for a good 100 feet at a fast speed with a few leg pushes, you don't even have to give much effort. Can't wait to start the engine again for the first time in a few weeks.

Looks great! This is basically what I have in mind for myself.

But - I don't get the footpeg thing. I thought you had to retain the pedals for starting, because you'll fry the clutch unless you pedal yourself up to speed? No?