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    I have done my fair share share of research at this point, and now i'm getting ready to finally start collecting parts and building!
    I plan on making this an everyday commuter.
    I chose the Schwinn Clairmont Schwinn Clairmont Men Cruiser Bike.jpg
    Now here are the concrete plans for the build that I have so far:
    *In-frame 4-stroke HS 49cc
    *1/8" or thicker steel struts for fenders and rear rack
    *SPORTSMAN heavy duty sprocket adapter - takes the stress off the spokes and puts it on the hub, - in theory preventing wheel warp, and allowing me to keep my sweet 7-speed and awesome red rims.
    *Upgrading brakes to a standard brakes, my understanding the stock on my bike are a little wider with less stopping power
    *Taking off red paint around rim to increase stopping power and increase longevity of the pads
    *Installing double brake lever
    *Taillight, headlight, and possibly blinkers?
    ... and of course a bunch of tire strength, I plan to put HD tires, in my HD tires, with some HD self sealing tubes, and slime if I have too! :) ( I hear this works out pretty well, and figure might as well just save myself the headache from the get go.)

    Now the questions and question-ables:
    -I understand most the 4g tranny's have a one way bearing issue, which most of you just weld the bearings in the case and call it good to go. I'm not a welder, so naturally when I heard JB weld can be used my ears perked up. Anyone know if there is any truth to this as a more than semi-permanent option?
    -That being said, once you do weld it, how bad is the resistance in normal pedaling? I'd like to keep it relatively freewheel.
    -I also hear it has come in a much more reliable 100/12T version, where I hear you don't have to do this, but to my understanding lacks some umph. Anyone think these are the best best, or better yet, know anywhere these are available?
    -Q-matic, should I bite? $600 is quite steep, so I guess what im asking is it really worth the extra $200 to anyone else for one of these kits? The 4g, to my understanding is quite reliable once you mod it. The idea of a freewheel does give me peace of mind though.
    -Skyhawk Stage III, worth it to track down? How noisey are these things really with the case sealed and lubed?
    -Finally, the last tranny option, a CVT. Now I don't know much about these, but saw a build or two. Is it possible even to have an in-frame CVT build? I only ask because i've only seen rear rack mounted engine builds.
    -Considering also a spring chain tension-er, to prevent chain slap, and hopefully prolong the life of the chain.
    anyone think this is a stupid upgrade?
    -And I think my last question: What is the best way to power up my lights?

    The community here is awesome and I look forward to the input!

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    Welcome to the forum! You have a lot in your first post, so I'll put my replies/comments in red. Hope ya don't mind.

    Hope this helps. You asked a lot of questions and also had some things that I felt needed commenting on!
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    WOW! A lot of good old commin sence here. Thanks Aleman no need for a lot of high tech stuff for the most part,unless you have a high porfamce bike. It seems that everyone wants what others are doing and not always nessery.........Curt