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    Hi All!!
    I finished about two weeks ago, And have had some longish rides since. I really love this bike! I know it's a kit, nothing custom but I think it came out great! Everywhere I go people want to know all about it. I try to be a good ambassador for the bikes, I'm always friendly and take all the time someone wants to spend asking questions. I refer them to Dax, (Duane, I hope you will get some business from my referrals)
    Cops have been great, Saw one today, Got a smile and a wave!
    Pics: Picture 010.jpg Picture 011.jpg Have fun and ride safe!!!! Addum

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    Looks great. I'd consider a front brake in case one of those feral hogs runs out in front of ya.
  3. Addum

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    In my plans!! Just waiting for SS check, I kind of killed the budget this month. I see you're from The Great State of Texas! You know about those hogs!!!
    Seriously. Thank you for the tip. That's one of the reasons I'm here. Front brakes are needed on these bikes, I just don't feel safe without one. The mirror as well. I've ridden a non-motorized bike for almost ten years and didn't realize how much I used my ears! Need the mirror! Someone here suggested a helmet that didn't cover the ears for just that reason, I wear one now, Every time I start my bike. Thank you all and ride safe! Addum