Dont let this happen to you.

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    I started riding a motorized bike about 7 months ago and I loved it from the start. Riding my bike back and forth to work every day was a blast. I was always meeting new people who wanted to know about the bike. That has all come to a halt because I recently was hit by a truck doing 45 to 50 mph. It was broad daylight and I was clearly visable but the driver was impaired and never saw me. After a week in the hospital and lots of medical attention I'm doing better. Still not able to return to work till febuary. The driver had 10/20/10 insurance . Ill end up with less than 10,000 wich won't even cover my first bill from the hospital. So I just want folks to be aware . Insure yourself and your bike if possible. I was also told that had I not been wearing a helmet I would be dead.. I'm still a fan of motorized biking but I don't want any of us to become a statistic.

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    Welcome to Motoredbikes, thanks for the warning...I will pray for your full recovery.
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    Best wishes for a fast recovery Brother.
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    Woah, that's not good. Brings up some good points with liability and insurance. Hope for a speedy recovery.
  5. I hope you have a speedy and complete recovery. You will have to sue for your costs not covered.
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    Just because his insurance only covers 10K doesn't mean you can't (or shouldn't) sue for all that is due to you. He'll just have to come up with the cash on his own by selling off his assets. Im also taking "impaired" to mean drunk - so this fella is in pretty deep.

    Good luck!
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    Godspeed & speedy recovery. I often feel safe because I rarely travel much faster than 20mph. It's the speed of the miscreant in the car that causes the injuries.
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    I hope you make a full recovery. Hire an attorney after you recieve the intial 10k.
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    hope for a fast recovery

    hopefully its not to painful.maybe with the time off you will figure a way to get compensated.gtet well soon!!!
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    Welcome to this place! I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. I hope that you will have a quick and complete recovery. You brought up an intersting idea that I have never heard of before: MB insurance with un/ under insured motorist coverage. Perhaps a growing lucrative market?
  11. Hope you get well soon-
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    Thanks for all the well wishes. I hope this will make a difference for others in the future. I was at a red light behind another vehicle when I got hit from behind so I never saw it comming.. What an experiance. One I hope nobody else ever has to go through.
  13. scarecrow47

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    Just got word from my attourney. The hospita and ambulance co. Put a lean on the insurance company and I will not receive a dime of recompense. All the money goes to the bills wich exeed the 10k. I'm just screwed. Like I said before, don't let this happen to you.
  14. arceeguy

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    Hey - at least they aren't going after you for the bills!
    You can still sue the guy personally for lost wages, etc. You aren't going to win a million dollar settlement, but at least you can recover some of your other losses aside from the medical bills. (Lawyer will of course take his share......)

    Here's to a fast recovery!
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    There was a Seinfeld episode where they were writing a sitcom script.
    The perpetrator couldn't pay the victim he injured, so the judge ordered him to be a butler for the victim.

  16. My way of thinking, Life is a *****- Then you die,I've ben in pain for the last 10 years,fused back,3 surgeries.Didn't get a dime from insurance co,long story.Life is a long tough road. Have brass ones,and keep your head up.Wish you a very fast recovery.Take care brother.
  17. Seems like a person ought to draw SS disability for short term like this. We pay into SS our whole life. Insurance companies won't touch home made bikes but I did see an accident policy the other day for $25 a month that covered like $10k injury. I wish you a speedy recovery and peace of mind going thru this trial in your life.
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    After my accident, driver split the scene. My insurance noted a moped was on a hospital forum for cause of broken shoulder and collapsed lung. They wanted more information and from that point on I was riding a bicycle,bicycle, bicycle and left out the dax titan thing attached to the back. $59,000.00 still get request for payments of various types. I hope everything washes out for you and get better soon.
  19. Mountainman

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    wishing you a fast recovery
    thank God you did not get killed
    as we know it happens all so often to two wheels with a motor THING

    an attorney can find out real fast most assets of said driver that hit you
    can then let you know if it is worth going after him

    most with minimal coverage such as that
    as we know have noTHING much to lose..........

    my friend -- one of the best attorneys in the US can give you a referral if needed
    call attorney Bob Coffin in San Diego, Ca -- tell him recommended by Bob Bowling

    small quote -- published in The Sacramento Bee
    "You can't even believe what it is to be the little person going up against a sovereign nation -- they blow us off," said Bowling, a water delivery specialist for the city of San Diego.

    Coffin said that Congress, by giving the Indians a monopoly on casino gambling, along with sovereign immunity and full access to state and federal courts, has "given them more power and influence than anyone else enjoys in America."

    he also handles cases such as yours if large enough

    hope that you get back soon to riding that THING
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    speedy recovery

    sorry to hear about this unfournate incident. i wish u the best of luck, and hope u recover.