Dont let this happen to you!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Ieataxolotls, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Ieataxolotls

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    Nvm, made people too angry.
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  2. Fabian

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    Yes, this is a fine example of a situation that potentially could add another nail in the death bed coffin for use of motorised bicycles.

    If it was a serious crash, where police or ambulance were involved, the logical thing for police would be to advise government officials to simply ban motorised bicycles, because if it saves only one injury or even one life then banning them from use would only be a good thing for the community.

    This is how all manner of recreational pursuits are banned or so heavilly restricted or over policed that it becomes pointless to try and enjoy the hobby.

    Every time i see something like this it frustrates me to no end.

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  4. azbill

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    brakes are not a luxury !!!
    if you can't go, it is irritating...
    if you can't stop, someone is gonna get hurt :(
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  6. Pablo

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    Plain and simple.
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    Could it be Darwin at work? looks like he was too occupied filming to think about the brake. It takes one hand to grab the clutch and one to hit the brake. Now try that holding a camera.

    As for the flip flops, to me open toed shoes are another clue to the logical thinking of this primate. The real question is he old enough to reproduce?
  9. darwin

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    Say what?
  10. GearNut

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    And once again, my favorite quote from Forrest Gump: "Stupid is as stupid does."
  11. MikeJ

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    Another candidate to be removed from the gene pool...
  12. Pablo

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    No helmet? check!
    No shoes? check!
    No safety sense? check!

    "Wahahaaa that nasty cop wrote me a ticket. "

    Like it or not, shared public roads. You can still be SICK and obey them laws!
  13. fm2200

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    He's lucky to have only slightly injure his own self, this sort of thing will occur with guys that are too free thinking about the joys of motor biking.
  14. Ieataxolotls

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    Did have a helmet, check the shadow, other guy didn't,
  15. Pablo

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    Helmet on one guy. Check!
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    hahah still dumb.
  17. gnflyby

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    That looked pretty painful. :ack2:
  18. fasteddy

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    And this little bit of Mothers Pride puts it on You Tube for everyone to see.

    When I pulled something like that, I snuck up alleyways so my friends didn't see me.

  19. machiasmort

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    No doubt... If his stupidity level didn't approach "EPIC", that would almost be a good comercial for the durability of that camcorder!
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    riding without a helmet is just chlorine for the gene pool