Don't ride like idiots...

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    I was in the Carlsbad/Oceanside area of southern CA over the weekend. Had a great time, but saw two Motorized bicycle riders Saturday evening (actually, they may have been the same rider...) The first was weaving in and out of traffic, causing at least three people, me included, to slam their brakes to avoid wearing the guy on their hood. Then, about 15 minutes later, another guy buzzes through a stop sign at 25 MPH, causing me to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting HIM.:mad:

    I was pretty PO'd, and I ride these things. If we're going to get MBs accepted by those who make the laws, we can't be behaving like morons when riding. :???:
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    I totally agree!!

    I try set a good example since thats the only one I can control!! lol
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    They're probably not people who are members here. You can't stop people from being idiots/jerks and hopefully our legislature recognizes this before they make a decision like banning MB's. If that were the case they would definitely ban cars and motorcycles for people doing idiotic things on them given the staggering amount of people who are injured and killed annually by those vehicles. The fact that so many of us live in states that already allow us to ride these machines and have legal definitions for them is a pretty good indication that they will stay legal. Most likely they'll just up enforcement on people who ride like morons. And they should if it becomes a problem. I just hope they won't see us all as punk arse *******s and dog us like they do to the people in rice burners.
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    It's unfortunate, but people remember the bad can see 100 MBc riders doing everything right, then 1 a-hole running stop signs, and guess what will stick in your mind?

    I believe in Darwin...which means these guys' days are numbered...but hopefully they won't cause too much damage to our hobby between now and then.

    I try to follow all Florida driving laws, and stop at stop signs and lights, even if there's no traffic. I think if I break the habit when there's little or no traffic, it may cause me to "slip" one unfortunate time. I do ride on the sidewalks though, if I'm on the road during rush our, just because I know people are not concentrating on their task at hand - driving.
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    my concern re "darwin's theory" is the legislative-overreaction when some kid dies, no matter if it's his or her fault.
  7. Earlier today I saw a roadie crossing a street right in front of an SUV. The roadie had a red light. The SUV's light was green. The roadie was on the sidewalk yet.
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    chase them down & beat them with a big stick & them point them to mbc! lol! i try so hard to be a good ambasador for motoredbikes in my town, & guys like that set our movement back everytime they get on the bike! so iratateing, take the speed & shenanagans to the track!
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    Yes Lou -- it's our responsibility to ride in a safe manner -- so as to not have anyone get hurt or _issed off because of motorized bicycles -- that will give us all a bad name !!! Happy Riding from Mountainman
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    Unfortunately, it is only going to take a few idiots to cause local governments to have a knee jerk reaction and regulate motorized bikes out of existence.

    Back in the mid seventies and early eighties, mopeds were a common sight where I lived. I was in high school, and I saved my pennies and purchased one - as did many other teens. They were a great way for kids to get around for the few years before they got their drivers licenses. Well, a few kids died in accidents and then the government started to raise the age, limit speed/power output, etc. Next thing you know, they were extinct. Bike engines may suffer the same fate. Slap an engine on a bicycle and all of a sudden it is considered a "motor vehicle" and is subject to all the wonderful rules and regs the tax collector can think of. Imagine the looks when you call State Farm to get an insurance quote on your Huffy........
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    just gabbin'...not at anyone in particular

    or...and stay with me on this...we could grow up & behave ourselves...

    never mind, i don't know what i was thinking...a "free" society is one where we trust each other to handle our responsibilities to each other & ourselves...well, it ain't working...

    once you put an engine on a bicycle, it is a motor vehicle...laws are only in place because folks don't like being responsible on their own...why would you need the police to tell you to use helmets and lights at 30mph? 'cuz yoo is stoopid is why. yes, you're free, i respect that...but yoo's still stoopid.

    we do a nice job of self-regulating up here, but we do enjoy a laid-back environment...i don't know how i'd handle sharing the MB-experience with a buncha (irresponsible) teens on wannabe choppers...prolly go to jail for wooping some young punkster's noted the good riders (even good teen riders) never attract attention. screw up, you screw US!
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    That's really what I wanted to point out. Most of us here DO a good job of representing the MB movement well. Those that don't, hurt ALL of us.

    In addition, if you know of someone who rides like an idiot, let them know about it. Don't keep quiet. By keeping quiet, you are implying that you think that their idiocy is O.K. TELL them, that when they ride like a fool, not only are they endangering their own life, they are hurting everyone else who rides a motorized bike. And, when they 'p**s off the cagers,' by cutting them off, forcing them to slam on the brakes, by driving illegally, they are screwing with the people who have the numbers to make motorized bikes illegal.
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    This is just one more vehicle you really shouldn't think of acting a fool on. The best you can do is impose proper riding. The stupid effers will eff everybody over if they act stupid making a bad name like the ones who constatly give us Mustang owners bad names and when they cause a serious wreck or get killed it wont be much different than if they lived to screw around another day, it'll make it worse infact.
  14. Alan

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    Perfectly said. Should be the eleventh commandment. ;)
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    Exactly. It takes 3 months to make something a good habit.....and only 1 week to lose it. That's why most exercise programs encourage you to work out even when you're sick.

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    I plan on building my bike in moto-x style. I will only ride it like a hoon at designated ORV areas. For my commute to work I'll follow all traffic laws, something I don't do on a normal bicycle.