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  1. SPJ

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    Hi folks, I have been searching for a link to locate 26 x 2.125 DOT approved tires without much luck. Are DOT approved tires even available in this size ? Thanks.

  2. loquin

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    Not to my knowledge. It would take a major investment for a tire manufacturer to obtain DOT approval for a new tire, and bicycles are not under the mandate of the department of transportation anyway - they are considered toys...
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  3. DougC

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    Bicycle tires are not required to meet DOT regulations at all, so you're not going to find true bicycle tires with DOT ratings.

    In the USA, bicycles are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commision (C.P.S.C.). The only information on bicycle safety standards you will find will be on the CPSC website.


    It is possible that there are some small motorcycle or moped tires that would be close to the same overall diameter and width as a 26" MTB tire, but they will probably not fit on a bicycle rim.
  4. Fabian

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    Hi SPJ

    The closest and safest thing you'll get to a DOT bicycle tyre is the Schwalbe Marathon range with puncture proof protection layers.

    These are my two preferences for a mountainbike.

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  5. Mountainman

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    if you are looking for the DOT only
    it's been dicussed here much in the past
    they are a no go for bicycles at this time as far as has been seen here

    thinking that if one (DOT sizes) were to be found in proper MB size
    it would be made in Japan
    if you truly need the DOT check with some Japanese tire dealers
    they make over there many many many different sizes for mop heads etc

    ride that thing
  6. DetonatorTuning

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    i agree, these tires are exceptional, possibly a step above the new Bontrager H2 HardCase, time and experience will tell.

    do the Whizzers run some type of DOT tire ? i think they are motorcycles in my state, but i don't know how far they push the regulations on them.

    otherwise you would need to look in the 21" class of tires and rims for something you could make fit, then lace it onto something like augi's moped hubs.

    are you planning on doing over 60mph ? it's been reported that at "the flats" if you plan to exceed 60mph you have to have DOT rated tires.


    PS go somewhere like and search dirt bike wheels and dual sport tires. you might have to run a front tire on the back for fit but it will far exceed your likely requirements. some of these coupled to great hubs, esp. those with drum brakes (like augi's ) would be killer.

    you may have just helped me get around the $700 a pair mags i've been considering THANKS !!
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  7. augidog

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    boy, someone really likes my ebay, detonator', i've seen complete '82 AMF moped hubs there. they're heavy tho, be warned.

    far as i know, noone offering a "complete" MB, including Whizzer, has DOT tires. far as i know, there's no such animal yet.

    anyways...dan wright, lead technical inspector for Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, never actually said he needed to see DOT specs...he asked for "speed-ratings" from the maker if anyone's gonna break-out at 60mph+...and he also mentioned that a serious professional racing effort might could convince a maker to do it, too. he would know, eh?

    when stude & i were at the flats, a couple guys with the racer next door in the pits snidely remarked "so, this is really about advertising, isn't it?" in reply i pointed to the full-coverage "Lucas Oil" mural adorning their friend's trailer and said "you mean like that? then yeah, i guess it is. but all i care about is i'm not watching, i'm racing!"

    i went exactly 32.4mph (tanaka 32cc) faster than either of those two guys ;)

    SPJ: this is just in reply to what's here right now...i don't know why you're looking for DOT ratings, but clue us in and we'll keep talking.
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  8. DetonatorTuning

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    yes i do, those wheels are art in motion for the applicaion. in custom projects it's often difficult to keep some owners on track and achieve that totally homogenous outcome where each part anticipates and compliments the next.

    you've done it with a persistance toward the "function dictating form" view.

    others here have managed it too, you see it instantly when it's there.

    about DOT tires, Pirelli, makes a 80/90 X 21 dualsport tire that is speed rated at 115mph.

    this tire would be roughly 3.15" wide and 26.66" tall mounted.

    one of the considerations of going this route is the weight of tires like this. depending on maker, exact size and tread type they can easily be 10#'s each. in the motorcycle app. this is not a concern but for a MB you will have to consider it more closely. because of the added mass, hubs, bearings, spokes and wheels are much more criticle. getting them rolling is going to take POWER, controlling the increased gyro effect is going to take a very good fork and axle, stopping them is going to take exceptional brakes.

    it will be interesting to learn more about what prompted this. i see the whole thing as being doable, the MB that would require and support it will be something special.

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  9. DougC

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    If you absolutely insist on doing this, it's really not that difficult unless you insist on putting a motorcycle tire on a bicycle rim.

    It's much easier to just find a suitable motorcycle tire, and then lace a motorcycle rim to a bicycle hub. Both motorcycle and bicycle wheels are available in 36-spokes, a 36H motorcycle rim is typically an off-the-shelf item. In the worst-case scenario you would need to order a plain (undrilled) motorcycle rim and have a shop drill the spoke holes for you (or you could do it yourself, if you feel lucky).

    This does not escape one underlying problem however, which is the weight of the finished wheels. It is possible to mount a motorcycle tire on the rear rim of the Scwhinn OCC chopper bicycles for instance, but almost everyone who does comments on how much heavier the motorcycle tire is compared to the bicycle tire. A motorcycle rim is going to be much heavier also....
  10. SPJ

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    Hi folks, Sorry for the delay in getting back to this ,been away. The reason I inquired about DOT approved tires is that I'm in the process of applying for a title for my Whizzer. Title is required so that I might get a motorcycle liscense
    plate. In Ohio where I am applying,as in many other states,a motorcycle liscense is required for any bike engine over 49cc. The state inspection officer that I've been working with suggested a list of Dot approved equipment (headlight,taillight,turn signals,mirror, and perhaps tires)that would be necessary to pass state inspection. I think my bike will pass unless I am required to find different tires. By the way, I currently have the Worksman Kevlar belt tire with the puncture reststant inner tubes. I'm confortable with these tires but it remains to be seen weather the state will find them acceptable. I'm in the midst of this process and will report at a later date on the outcome. I'm very appreciative of the information that the members of this forum have provided. Thanks again.

  11. Mountainman

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    hey all
    I was trying to help out regarding this ongoing issue
    went to many Japanese bicycle and motor cycle tire companies on the web
    found no dot tires to date
    but still thinking
    some company must make a dot approved bicycle tire ??

    ride that thing
  12. mabman

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    MM is on the right track. The only DOT stamped tires, and they were 26" x 2.125, that I have seen were on a Japanese manufactured electric bike that was built in about 2003. I wish I had taken more info from them at the time.

    A friend works in the bicycle tire industry and when I asked him about getting a tire made he said with enough money anything is possible. Probably talking a couple hundred thousand to get the tire to production.
  13. DougC

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    You could go at it the other way around, and send an email to the Dept of Transportation, asking if they've approved any bicycle tires in the last few years.

    I think you're likely to be disappointed by their response however.
    Nobody makes DOT-approved bicycle tires for much the same reason that nobody makes FAA-approved bicycle tires. These are both agencies that don't have any part in bicycle regulations at all.
  14. augidog

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    i dunno if MB-Racing will ever take off, but i know the USFRA was thrilled to see a "new" & safe(er) foundation for small-engine competiton. organized racing is responsible for almost every motor-vehicle innovation that's ever occured, so...

    if you can't race, please join in & encourage people who can to race:

    agreed, & agreed.

    btw steve, thank you for the "function dictating form" compliment, that's
    just about the nicest thing anyone's ever said about my work :)
  15. DougC

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    I would think that for salt-flat racing it would (again) just be easier to use motorcycle tires and rims.

    Especially since the added weight of motorcycle tires and rims won't be any disadvantage when pedaling it yourself, or when climbing hills....
  16. augidog

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    yes...but: weight is a major factor in our power range. shoot, my full leathers and snell helmet cost me 3-4mph with the 32cc.

    so, i'm merely suggesting (again) that there is a way to accomplish bringing a safer bicycle tire to market, or perhaps convince makers of already-safe tires to "certify" one or two models for competition. organized racing is advertising from a makers' viewpoint.

    case in point: the first time a sturmey-archer front drum was "proven" suitable for MB'ing was when i had golden eagle build me one for racing...well, i sure do wish i owned stock in S-A because there's a LOT of their hubs rolling around now on MB's.

    another point...why NOT get involved with MBRA and try? because it's new and pretty inactive? that's no reason, everything starts somewhere.

    these guys are up to something, i bet they'd like some friendly support & encouragement:
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  17. happycheapskate

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  18. happycheapskate

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    electric bicycle tires

    I saw some electric bicycles at Walmart (I think they were called I zip or something close), that had DOT marked 26"x . bicycle tires that looked like this

    These electric scooters weigh 90lb, so I think they should be strong enough for a mb. Mine weighs 62lb full of gas with the battery and lights.
  19. happycheapskate

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    Whats ironic is that all bicycle tires are "DOT approved" for use on a bicycle, or motored bicycle, in the sense that there are no federal bans on bicycling or motored bicycling in general, right? (not talking about military bases or national parks etc)
  20. DougC

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    Well,,,,,,,, not really.

    In the Illinois motor vehicle code, it specifically says that bicycles are not included under the definition of the term "motor vehicles" (as the IL MVC defines it) and so bicycles are exempt from the vehicle requirements of motor vehicles.

    I would guess that every other US state has a bit that says the same thing, because (aside from the tire issue) there are DOT requirements for many other different parts of motor vehicles that bicycles wouldn't pass.