Safety DOT motorcycle or standard bike helmet?

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    I've only just ordered my bike that will become my motored bike, so I haven't gotten a helmet YET. I will, oh trust me, I will...

    anyway... I will be pedaling a lot, basically as much as I can, but because of health conditions, I do not think that I would be able to make the 14 mile commute on pedal power alone.

    If I was planning on motoring almost exclusively, getting a DOT motorcycle helmet would be an easy choice, but if I'm going to be pedaling a lot, I will need something with the ventilation of a biking helmet (at least for the heat of the summer).

    Are biking helmets safe enough? Cyclists are capable of the speeds of motored bikes (even if for some cyclists, it's just while going downhill) so in THEORY they would be good enough for a motored bike....

    I need sufficient protection from something vented enough to keep me cool while pedaling... suggestions?

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    If you are in Kaliforgnia, a DOT helmet is required by law.
    If you are in another state, check your local regulations.
    I recommend a DOT helmet just on the basis of stronger construction.
    Any helmet is better that no helmet though.
    A DOT half helmet is not that hot to wear, but you only get half the protection by using it too.
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    well yes, a full faced motorcycle helmet would be even the safest option for a pedal-only bike, but it would get too hot. If I was going to motor only, there would be no question about getting a motorcycle helmet, but it's 80+ degrees, and pedaling with a motorcycle helmet would get uncomfortable... at least I assume it would during the summer.

    So, I guess my question is more-- what speeds are bicycle helmets really rated for?
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    as then article pointed out, no helmet is perfect: a friend of mine who was a poster child for motorcycle safety was killed in a motorcycle accident despite a full face helmet and riding "leathers" (the kevlar outer gear)

    20 years ago I got danged lucky on my bike when I flipped over someone's car door when they opened it in my path... I wasn't wearing a helmet, but I didn't hit my head. My legs were covered in bruises and I walked funny for a couple weeks. After that, I still never wore a helmet...

    I haven't ridden a bike in ten years, but I'm older and wiser, and I will no longer take the chances that I used to.
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    I used my bike helmet at first, but then I noticed the tag inside that says "not for use with a motor vehicle." I thought about it a bit and decided that since I can go about 25 mph with my motor (rack-mounted friction-drive), that's likely faster than the bike helmet was intended for. So now when I'm motoring, I use a DOT helmet. There are some good threads on helmets on this and the other site, too.

    P.S. I'm writing from Rome, Italy, where I'm on a work assignment. There are TONS of mopeds, motorbikes, and motorcycles here of all sizes and I have yet to see anyone riding without a motorcycle helmet. I'm guessing they may have tougher laws than we do, but I think it's a good thing to see so many different people complying and riding with helmets.
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    London is the same way-- I never saw anyone riding a motorcycle without a full face helmet and riding leathers, and scooters all wore at least basic helmets.

    a friend of mine who is a pro mountain bike racer said that bicycle helmets are actually rated for speeds upwards of 50 mph... but as the article that someone else posted points out, hitting nothing but your head at extreme speeds would probably result in severe neck injuries.
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    DOT ALWAYS--even if it is "just down the block to check the chain tension."