DOT scooter motor into recumbent BMX

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  1. I have an idea, and it won't be easy, but I think I can get it to work.
    The idea is as follows.
    Attach a DOT scooter motor & wheel assembly into my Haro BMX bicycle.
    (in this case a chinese CVT 50cc 4 stroke motor with 16 inch rear tire)

    Then run a chain with a freewheel to the rear scooter wheel
    (make a freewheel sprocket attachment to the rear rim)
    Centering it would be tough, but I bet it could be done.
    The freewheel bearing wouldn't get stressed too much, because I'd just be coasting with the freewheel most of the time but could pedal if questioned by the po-po.
    I would have to move the muffler out a bit, and make some chain guides
    to go around any case blocking issues, but this is definately do-able.

    Thus, I'd have met the requirements for a MB in California.
    Operative pedals, 30mph, 2hp(ish). Send in my $18 and I'm good to go.

    I would almost NEVER pedal, but for the sake of the law, it would suffice.
    Think about the possibilities!
    a 70cc horizontal minarelli, 150cc Gy6 motor, oh my.
    Very exciting to think about......

    I think I'll make a mock up today.
    Has anyone done this or seen anything similar before, or is this a new idea
    in the world of MBs?
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  2. Here is the idea,
    but I realized that I'll need to make this a recumbent,
    with the pedals up front.
    I saw a bunch of ways to do this on the DIY sites,
    and I just happen to have another BMX frame to chop up.

    Anybody ever made a DIY recumbent MB?
    I'm really thinking this is going to happen now.

    Picture of MB recumbent mock up rear.
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    i'll be watching, it's going to be cool if you can make it work.

  4. I've been thinking about this alot, so I decided I'll start.
    I'm not sure if this is in the right section,
    so if you think it should be moved to a different section, feel free.

    I mounted the 2 frames together today, and swapped the better Haro crank
    into the cheapy Schwinn BMX that is now just the rear forks.

    I removed the crank from the Haro so I can work on attaching the motor
    Next is to mount a seat and make a steering extension,
    and new bars. I also need to lock the pedal frame in to the new stem and bars so it doesn't shift.

    The pedals just have to work, so I shouldn't need to pedal very much
    and it will still be classified as a MB.

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    Look here for an idea to use on the rear end

    I am working on this type of motorized bicycle as well. The front is a front wheel drive recumbent the rear is based on this idea

    I have attached the complete rear end from a mini bike, wheel and all to the rear wheel of a bicycle.
    It Runs well. cost $0 dollars.

    Kinda heavy

    Mount with the rear tire deflated.
    When ready to finish inflate the rear wheel to max pressure to maintain friction between driven and drive wheel
    My latest is an electric, gp460, and human powered using a 16 inch full suspension junk donor bike.
    As a short wheel base front wheel pedal, rear wheel engine drive recumbent.

    In Arizona I must pedal as well.
    The engine size must be less than 50 cc.
    I am trying for the same basic motorized bicycle.
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    Looks like an interesting project! Would be great to see this up and running, the mock up looks pretty cool.
    Look forward to seeing the build!
  7. Could a mod move this to recumbents?
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    I like the front wheel pedal drive. I built one back before I started making motored bikes. It handled real well.
    mine was ugly & not too comfortable...go

    have you seen these pics?
    this one looks comfy.

  9. Yeah I saw those the other day....
    Looked good to me.

    I wanted to try front wheel drive just for the fact that I could have a whole motor/cvt/wheel combo for the rear,
    with rear suspension to boot.

    I'm looking for a good seat now,
    thinking of maybe a used weight bench, or something similar.

    I was impressed on Cruzbikes site how nice they look like they ride.
    I'm going to mount the bars way out on the donor bike,
    with the bars extending back as to not get in the way of my legs.

    I'm anxious to try the bike, just have to lock the donor down, and
    make a seat to try and ride.

    My *** does not take kindly to riding standard bikes,
    so maybe this will be better.
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    No problem, you want me to change the title too?
  12. Maybe change it to- "DOT scooter motor into recumbent BMX"
    How's that sound?

    Thx, btw....
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    captrueby robots says My *** does not take kindly to riding standard bikes,
    so maybe this will be better.

    I reply
    Mine doesn't like standard bicycle seats either.

    I use a cheap tractor style seat from wallyworld.
    about 20.00.

    A world of difference 4 me.
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    Sorted, looks like you've got some very good plans there, I bet thats going to be fun to ride