double front mount strap 4 gebe?



I ordered a 2nd front strap from GEBE as I'd accidentally bent my original at a hole slightly.

It's a different strap than the original one though. This new one is 1" shorter, it's wider,(3/4" instead of 5/8") and only has 2 engine bracket holes instead of 4.

I think I'd rather have the original strap with 4 holes as it's a perfect fit for my bike than the new shorter one, and I can also bolt it in 2 places on the engine bracket and it will fit right at my seat stays bolts.

I noticed however, that with my original strap still attached, I can also attach the new strap to my seat post clamp, ( I'll have to get another L bracket though).

So I'm wondering if anyone thinks it's better to A - get both straps attached, B - just attach the new one to the seat post clamp only, C - try to get another one of the original strap or D - attach new strap to seat stay bolt but lean engine backwards, (it's currently straight up over the axle where I like it!).

I have some pics of my original strap attachment and also of what the double attachment would look like, although I haven't bent the new strap up to the seat post clamp yet just in case I want to return it.

Anyone think 2 straps are better than one or does this new strap gonna be fine? I'm wondering if this is a new front strap for all GEBE kits or maybe for a different engine other than the R/S 35 which means I got the wrong one?


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NOTE: adding the extra length of the front strap under the nylock nut on the back is not a good idea...the nut can't properly lock itself unless it's screwed down on there further. imo, that excess could & should be trimmed.

2 straps anchored off the single front bolt won't really make a difference, but wouldn't hurt, either. altering the very nice level you have on the engine shouldn't be an option.

the newer, heavier strap would be my choice for a single anchor. i bet if you'd been aware of the change, you would have been able to ask for & get the old one, tho.

for the strongest single-strap setup, you might be able to use this idea on the 3" of straight stay-tube behind the seat-tube...use any u-bolt style clamp that fits the tube, i use 2 HT mount-saddles & 2 bolts. use a gradual "twist" instead of sharp bends:


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Thanks for the heads up, I'd wondered if bolting onto the back was a good or bad idea. I originally did that while trying to get my belt tracking correct. I'll look for the clamp or HT saddles/bolts too.