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  1. jimmyglitter

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    I just finished building my bike with a rear staton engine gx35 inside drive. It wants to tip over with the kickstand I am using. I need a double kickstand which prevents the bike from falling over. Can anyone recommend one they are using?


  2. azbill

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    you can get one on e-bay or at your LBS
    should be around $20

    oh yeah...they work well
    I have had one on 2 mtn bikes and my cruiser
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  3. kerf

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    I use a center mount motorcycle style stand I got at a local bike shop. Works very well.

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    the pyramid: don has one here in town. it's very nice, but you'll need to glue the "footies" on or you'll lose 'em real fast.

    $28 total on the 'bay.
  6. azbill

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    it's true :)
    lost mine in about a month :lol:
    they hang kinda low for me though, I have scraped the tips a few times on turns
    but they hold the bike nice...and I like it sitting up straight :D
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    Thank you for your replies.
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    I use this type of stand and it works well...keep in mind though it's only meant for a bicycles weight.
  11. Mary

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    Have you considered a rear kickstand?

    Someone told me that you need to park your bike on a flat surface with a double kickstand.

    Has anyone else had experience with this?
  12. loquin

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  13. nik

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    nice bike man! whoa!
  14. Pablo

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    I just bought the rear mount one from spooky tooth. Can't wait!!