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Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by Large Filipino, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Wow. It was fun today,and I took a lot of pictures. The bike trail out here is amazing. It get's you to so many places without touching a street it just blew my mind. Invesco Field at Mile high,home of the Bronco's really surprised me how easily I got there along with Coors Field GO ROCKIES and Pepsi Center GO AVALANCHE! Elitch Gardens is in there too along with some art work ,the Convention Center and trails.
    I may need another or three posts.

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  2. Here's some more.

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  3. Some trail shots.

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  4. One more should do it.
    That starbucks is full of bicycle people. They were pretty mean,man.
    That second pic is a good indication of how big this trail is. Do you see downtown Denver?
    This trail goes way past that almost to Castle Rock,and forks off to so many places in town. It's amazing,really.
    That last pic shows you can go 5 different directions. That bathroom stall scattered about these trails have an actual toilet with a flush,sink and running water. I need to add bar soap to my tool pouch for that's the one thing they didn't have.

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  5. spunout

    spunout Member

    sounds/looks like a cool time.
    stay away from Colfax with your bike at night. i'm sure you know that. ;)

    i'm sure that nothings changed....the bicycle purists are as snobbish as ever.
  6. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Looks like a nice place to ride.
  7. Ah Colfax. Land of men girls and...never mind. :D
    At the Starbucks they just looked at my ride,looked at me then gave this upnosed snobby look. Man. I wanted to tell them "I'm sorry that I'm fat and came out of a quintuple bypass this year. How else am I gonna enjoy these trails? Do they make them leotards to fit me?"
    People just like to judge. That's not a street in front of that Starbucks,btw. That's all bike trails. In fact,you can't park a car up front to get there without paying a parking lot. Then you gotta walk a block. Yep. That's bicycle Starbucks if you've ever seen one before.
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  8. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    man you are all lucky and belive me ther are no such thinjg as bike trails just road lanes for the bicycles steal i was cut off in the bike lane do to a college student

    well the real short cuts i remeber when i was in high school where takeing the water run off drains and cannals here plus cuting in and out of parks

    and the campus here which blows the students minds when they see me go flying by or on the open road which they think the pot has gone in to full swing or god knows what they are doing in there free time

    well all get some pics and vids of my town its not a easy place to be a bicycle rider and is statrting to become a city but the campus is full of bicycles like walmart said they sold to the students a total of 2500 bikes at each one :shock:

    and target did 1800 in bike salles insane man but yeah later you all
  9. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    the smile on your face says it all dude !!!
  10. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Anybody ever sees me in spandex, they have my permission, no, my plea, to shoot me.
  11. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    dido here man
  12. Papasaun

    Papasaun Guest

    Great pic's to go along with a great outting! I have made 4 round trips from Greeley to Thornton, Next time we gotta hook up and go for a ride. Currently mine is on saw horses waiting for new rims and spokes,got the new hubs today.

    Still those are awsome pics and the weather looked perfect for you.

  13. larymor

    larymor Guest

    Great ride ! It would be better to go with a fellow MB'er if a fellow could.
  14. Papa,at this point it would even be nice if I can run over to JB's for some homemade root beer and take some pics!
    With our ever busy lives,I know someday we'll meet up.
    It would be nice to get a gathering going with Dwane from Dax,that guy in Parker and that other guy in Loveland.
    I wonder if it would even be probable.
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  15. dbigkahunna

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    LP, I happen to think you would look GREAT in pink Spandex. Older large guys dressed, uh unconventionaly goes well with this activity. Nice pictures and a great adventure. Keep on traveling. I use the pedals a lot with my scrubber and it makes the exercise seem irrelevant. I am burning 2 gallons or more of fuel per week. With the surgery and this acitvity you will be in great shape. Besides ignoring snobby Starbuckers is worth 25 miles of unassisted pedaling. Keep it up!
  16. I bet I would be more accepted. Yes. I will check this out!
    I like to make friends....
  17. Scottm

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    Dude Large!
    What an awesome ride. I can imagine how much fun that was:grin:
    Great pics. It's good to put a face with a name. It's fun to see some one with that same smile/grin.
    Now you have 4 more trails to choose from.
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  18. I plan on taking those trails all the way to the end,especially the one going south. I want to see just how far south it goes. Map says after Mile High Stadium it's another 50 or so miles of bike trails. That's insane. I'll definetly need some pre mix for that run.
    There's another fork that goes thru downtown heading east. I took that a good way another day but didn't have a camera. Homeless hang out there in droves and yet it's a high class area. Preppy guys and ladies on their bikes travel this way all the time.
    I need to take this run this Friday. I'll bring my camera along. Where my destination will be is 30 miles by car,about the same by bike.

    To get a grasp on how insane the trail system here is check out these sites:
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  19. Once a month I turn in paperwork for my host home guy. He goes to day program in the morning so I have from 7:30am to 2:00 pm to fiddle around. So because I can and to save some serious gas,I take Moop.
    It's a 60 mile round trip and it was beautiful out.
    The bad thing about the weather is I get more roadies out there. But it's cool. When I get within 20 feet from a breathing moving thing I shut her down and pedal. I need the excersise. It's cool.
    This one roadie I'm pedaling by him and he shakes his finger at me. Dude.
    I'm probably older than you. Respect ma authority!!
    Anyway,too many pics here. Basically from the starbucks I take speer Boulevard to my destination. I past downtown those statues are from the convention center,yes those bridges are that low yes you get that close below that train,Cherry Creek mall ritsy neighborhood bike trail runs right into it then another 5 or so miles and I'm at my destination. A good part of Speer trail one side is for pedestrians only and the other side is for roadies,skaters and anything with wheels.
    I passed a bicycle cop today. He just waved at me. I wanted to tell him about Mr. Fingerwave. I decided not to.
    I still haven't taken this trail towards Golden and the mountains yet. I will soon.

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