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Nov 4, 2006
Pittsburg, Ks.
now that looks nice!! Still has fenders & a chain guard. :)

the engine tucked in there just right! did you do anything special to the rear mount?


Thanks for the compliments.... I'll see if I can find a pic.... BRB.

I got going so fast (behind from modifications, actually) I stopped taking before & after pics.

I wish I had for the modifications - LABOR intensive, this one.


I used zink plated spacers for the front & rear mounts:

Oh, and 6M x 80mm screws cut to make studs in front...




It looks very nice.

I have a consern about the lateral load that the motor makes under acceleration (torque)(just my opinion) from the photos I dont think that will hold over time. The rear mount looks good, its the frount that I'm conserned about but thats just me
I would get 1 more of the outer chanel clamps and replace the small flat bar, that would keep the flex under load to a minimum


I would get 1 more of the outer chanel clamps and replace the small flat bar, that would keep the flex under load to a minimum

I agree - Why these kits do not have is known - cheap Chinese manufacturing.

Why they are not available when ordering or even suggested or ordered from china by the retailers is unknown. Should be minimally suggested as a option - IMHO.

If I had one more of the removable "U" shaped BLOCKS, like on the rear, it certainly would have saved some grief.

Make 'em and sell on fleebay is my suggestion - sincerely. Kits, studs, blocks, all that stuff.

I took over this project and just worked within a time frame more than a budget - Basically, what was in the kit or available within a 5 minute drive from the house. I had to get it rolling quickly (and soundly).

how is the vibration?

No problem - A close look will reveal that I used a inner tube on both mounts. From a new inner tube, BTW - :)
My only observation, and it applies to both of my builds, is that at "low end" or an idle type speed, that the machine chugs a bit. It seem to smooth upon acceleration or at least by about 12-15 mph.......

On the black bike shown, I used the larger 50T sprocket because of the nature and application of the unit. It will be used a "cruiser" and seems to go 8 or 9mph at the lowest confortable speed. The other build has 44T and is noticably faster at such. I could write volumes about the flywheel and bottom end torque, but it would not apply to the "do-it-yourselfer".

One last note: I find this latest mount shown to be more stable than the "hole through the frame" with the cheesy 10mm Chinese bolt provided as an anchor - IMHO.