dragster with engine and no pedals...

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by luke_mcmahon85, May 6, 2007.

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  1. hey, here are some pics of my project bike, i posted them over in the welcome forum as well, but thought i may as well stick them here, as well as a new pic of the styrofaom and clay mould that i'll be using to make a fibreglass petrol tank...



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    i like how you're working in WHite cloths :grin:
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    Can you give us some details on your engine and exhaust?

  5. locoWelder

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    yes more info you've got us gearheads jonesin'

    IRide are you the one that made Vader? if so that ride is sick!!! will you make one with the 24'x 100mm rim on the back?
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    Hey Luke, is that a standard centrifical clutch?
  7. hey, thanks for the comments.

    working in white overalls is the bomb, you always look completely greasy, like you've done heaps of work, even if you haven't

    the engine is a chinese pocket bike engine (49cc or possible 47 or even 40cc, either way, it seems to have enough power) and it comes with the centrifugal clutch, the exhaust is also from a pocket bike, although modified to fit this application. the cool thing about the motor is all the aftermarket upgrades like head kits to up displacement and compression, timing keys, reeds, carbs etc..

    here's some more pics...

    this shows the sprocket welded onto the original pedal end, this way, if i want to remove the shaft i can take out the retaining pin and just pull the sprocket off and then pull the shaft out the other side (that's right, pull the shaft, hehe) on the other side, there is a piece of pipe welded to extend the axle and then a little metal plate welded to that. unfortunately i didn't line it up straight, oh well, so then the sprocket is held on my 3 screws that have rubber washers in between the plate and the sprocket, which you then tighten to get the sprocket spinning straight...it's not too bad, althought the sprocket moves around slightly which means that the chain goes from being very taught to very slack. i'm thinking of either extending the holes in the metal plate to be slots so that i can bolt it in dead central, or getting a chain tensioner that is kindof spring mounted so that it always keeps the chain tight. what do you guys suggest? as currently the chain falls off under hard revs.

    here's a shot from the other side

    here's the exhaust
  8. oh, also, to fit the engine in, it's mounted at an engle, which means the carb is also on an angle...is this a problem? should i make a manifold to get it completely upright?
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    Yeah, looking at that, the float bowl could be a problem at that angle.

    You may look into a diaphram carb like a Walbro.
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    Thanks Loco!

    Yes, I made Vader and yes there are plans for a similar bike with the big 24'' rear.