Drill and taping new holes.

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    I had a exhaust (6mm) stud pull loose on my 80cc yesterday. Since the jugs are cheap (jug, gaskets, ship, $50.00) I thought I'd just order a new one and experiment on the old one..If it worked I'd keep it for a Sunday spare. First a larger hole size of 7 X 1 drill bit "B" a 7 X .75 drill bit "D" or a 5/15 X 18 bit "F" should all work. Since I had both the 5/16-18 tap and a "F" drill bit I choose that. What I did notice was that the factory stud holes are NOT deep enough. Also that if you drill the hole accurately you will end up in the cylinder stud hole, this will lengthen the threads about 300%. Tap hole, clean cylinder and install, torque head on. The exhaust/intake studs can be inserted and will bind at the cylinder stud. Just remember that if you ever need to pull the jug that the intake/exhaust studs need to be backed off.

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    Good for you!

    I'm going to hope that I never need to do it and that, if I do, I'll remember where I can find this thread.

    thanks for posting it.