Drill Powered Bike

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    Talk about thinking outside the box!

    Great idea, and if the advertised range/speed on that minibike is true, I could see adding that to one of those ultra-lightweight folding travel bikes and just take your motored bike with you on trips.

    Really creative thinking there..
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    yes -- thinking that the doors wide open -- new ideas as to be seen and used with MB application
    it's almost like back in the good old days -- early 1900's

    a cool time for inventors and 2 wheel with motor riders

    ride that MB thing
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    Wow! Both those videos were great! Thanks for posting them.
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    The important thing is to put that drive assembly on the front wheel, and connect it to the rear via similar PTO assembly with a flexible drive shaft. Then you have two-wheel drive.

    I might get around to doing that on the recumbent I'm designing. The company's site is here.
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    You know, that's a sweet gadget. I cannot afford one, let alone two to build a two wheel powered bike, but I just had a wild thought.

    On a tadpole trike steering is normally by physically turning the wheels in a plane perpendicular to their axis of rotation, but it doesn't have to be. Make one with the axles fixed, but each wheel seperately powered by something similar to that gadget - heck, use reversible drills as your power units and spin in a circle like a wheelchair can. Put a small wheel in the rear. able to caster freely, then take a joystick controller and an arduino chip, run your controller through that and corner by differential speed inputs to the motors.

    I guarantee that new balancing two-wheel GM/Segway toy is steeered that way.
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    Aww what?!? I've thought about that before, minus the flexible drive shaft. I thought that an angle grinder would be better because it spins much faster. I bought an A/C powered grinder for $20. Anybody can get one of these powerful motors for dirt cheap. Only problem is slowing the thing down so it doesn't suck up so much juice. Surely it's possible... with a potentiometer perhaps?? I wish I knew more basics about electrical applications.

    I think that folding bike is an old skool Go-Bike from Go-Ped. Not positive, tho. Got sidetracked when I found this sweet looking folding bike.... http://www.treehugger.com/files/2006/07/the_gobike_anot.php

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    Interesting idea and probably a really fun and well built project.....but I don't see how it's any more usable (and is certainly more expensive) than the electric Go-Peds that have been around for a long time. The speed and distance limitations of it make it rather limited. Still, a cool idea. For the same price as this thing (and the electric drill) you could build a GOOD MAB that is much more usable.

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    What are the specs of the batteries found on electric GoPeds, tho?? I'm sure they're much larger than the one found on this drill...

    Add a 3-pack of these drill batteries to this folding bike... and then you've got something similar to the speed and range of a GoPed, no?
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    There is a new battery called a "Virus Battery" that will push the envelope much farther. I heard on the news that the Virus Battery can power a full size motorcycle at 60 mph for 60 miles without recharging.

    Here's a link describing the new battery. " http://news.medill.northwestern.edu/chicago/news.aspx?id=125477 "
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    Bumping this thread for renewed interest. I might actually buy one of these if I knew more about it... and somebody reviewed it for me!!