Drive belt for BlackStar Motor.

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    Hi all, 1st post,I live in Australia and have an electric powered bike, I also recently bought a BlackStar 4 stroke motor kit. When I tried to get replacement drive belts I ran in to a brick wall,after searching the internet I realized that it was a common problem. More searching and I find that SDP/SI have a great range of belts, the one needed for this application is part No. A 6R 3M335095, width 3/8in. (9.5mm) length 67in. (1701.8mm) teeth 335, pitch XL (5.08mm). They did have 6 in stock which are now on the way to Aus. Hope this helps anyone who may have the same problem. Cheers Pete.:cool2:


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    Colonel, Welcome To The Forum. Never Heard Of A Blackstar. Can U Post Pic. Is It Like The Golden Eagle Belt Drive With The Plastic Type Drive Sheave That Snaps Onto The Spokes?? Ron
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    Re,BlackStar motor.

    Hi TRWEEK, yes it is the same setup,at a distance they would appear the same.The main difference for BlackStar owners is the Golden Eagle belt is 3in. shorter. These kits may only be sold in Aus. which would account for your not having heard of them, but I have an email from Golden Eagle which states they have had inquiries for the belts for years, so hopefully this may help those in need of belts. cheers Pete.:cool2:
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    I have the belts you need
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    Thank you, but touch late.

    My post was 2 years ago, and if you read it I had solved my problem, unless you can match $6.00 dollars a belt and $7.00 dollars freight for 6 of from the US. No wonder we shop from US. The whole discussion is now academic anyway as after around 10 years of experimenting with internal combustion motors and electrics, the very clear winner is a MAC rear wheel drive electric 36 v 10 ah 500w internal planetary geared motor! This matched with a Life-Tek LIFEPO4 battery with a small amount of
    peddling takes me around 35 ks. The motor is cheap at around $450.00 US, the batttery is not, a little over $1000.00 with charger. But with all the disapointments and failures I have exxperienced over the years to finally find a combination that works is bloody magic. I forgot to mention I am 75 years old and this keeps me out there and active. At the risk of being ostracised from this forum, if you live in Australia and use an internal combustion motor on your bike you are a very brave person. We have cities where any form of power is banned. cheers :helmet:pete. ( PS, thank you for replying anyway ).
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    Finally! Godzone Country has a downside! What possible reason is there for banning low powered bikes when it's legal to own 5 litre Holdens etc?
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    Hi Ludwig, it's a police ban and my guess is they had difficulty determining the power rating of so many different combustion and electric motors that they just put a blanket ban on all powered bikes. Also electric kids scooters are banned in NSW. I can understand this as you can imagine some of the not so little blighters zooming around and sometimes into senior citizens taking their daily constitutional using a walking frame. Pete.
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    We have monstrous little toerags here as well. I've had to jump for my life before avoiding a quad without lights doing 30mph down a footpath in the park too. And we're not allowed to shoot them either.