Drive Chain not Clearing



Is it just me or has anyone encountered a 26" wheeled cruiser where the chain from the drive sprocket to the crankshaft sprocket is ever so slightly rubbing up against the rear wheel?

With a Diamondback Della Cruz '05 cruiser, I've been running into issues installing my 80cc kit every step of the way due to it's less-than-common frame but at this point I'm done improvising with my questionable sense of engineering, or rather lack there of and am seeking the wisdom of the pros.

If anyone has any tips or ideas about getting that drive chain to clear my wheel, I'm humbly all ears. I'd prefer not to replace the wheel itself as it, embarassingly enough, has some sentimental value and I'm trying to preserve as much as the bicycle as possible in this transformation into a motorized beauty.


Have you got the concave side of the rear sprocket inward or outward?
If needed you can remove the drive sprocket and turn it around.


:cool:before adjusting anything, jack up the rear tire off the the bike with rope/chain, just in case the rear tire hits the ground accidentally.

if the chain touches slightly when engine is off, start engine, watch the chain-tire interference at idle, and varying engine speeds. engine speed might force the chain away from the tire. if it doesn't and it rubs the tire, read on:

if Doc's suggestion doesn't work, you could retune your spokes, so the rim and tire "leans" towards the right side of the chainstay(frame).

of course, that's after you try to use spacers on the left-side axle.

if that fails, you can install the sprocket spacer adaptor from the OCC CHOPPER engine kit.

orrr, you could loosen the engine and shift it around for better tire clearance. and tighten/loosen/adjust/space yer rear wheel.

is it the tire OR the metal wheel that's touching the chain?

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