Drive Chain Sprocket Won't Move?



hello, im very new to small engines and have no idea why my new bike will not budge? when the drive chain is hooked up the bike cannot move, what stupid lil thing am i missing? how do i get it to ride as a normal bike and in neutral? thank you!
No neutral, just the clutch. Pull it in and poke the button on the lever to ride as a "regular" bike.

Hope that helped!
hi acecreeper, more detail would help us narrow it down...are you saying it runs or not? this is a pre-start situation?

this is a pre start situation, its all assembled and everything, but the drive sprocket wont move, the drive chain will not move freely, the bike cannot move forward nor backword with the drive chain assembled. ??thank you!
does it turn with the spark-plug out? if not, then i re-refer you to the above link about sprocket/chain jam. let us know how it goes.

i have read your links and i dont think thats the problem. but what do you mean, should i take the spark plug out and try it? how would this affect the drive sprocket movement? thanks i'll try.
p.s im at a public comp so i cant try till later and write u back tomorrow
what we're trying to do is get back to step one, let's start here:

how did you install the chain? you have to be able to rotate the drive-sprocket in order to do that. most people remove the plug so there's no engine compression to fight against.

I did just as u said but did not take the plug out, so yea there was compression. u do mean the plug that sits atop the engine right?
spark plug, yes. take it out for chain-install.

so the chain installed properly...the sprocket rotated ok by turning whole engine? test-spin the wheel back and forth to check out how the chain travels on the sprockets. the engine should be rotating during this test.

*make certain the clutch push-rod is still in place* this would be a 1/4" rod sticking out of center of sprocket, about 1/4"...

is chain running ok & push-rod in place?

next concern is getting the cover & clutch-arm back on correctly.
please tell us how much force you use when you apply the clutch when starting?