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  1. V 35

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    I came up with a simple, but effective method for building drive chain tensioners. Start by stripping a stock ' death pop ' and cut away the slotted metal,
    which is than brazed to rear wheelstay, a chain tensioner passes through an eyebolt, which tightens roller.

    The photo shows a prototype, the stock tensioner was bent to buck against side of bracket. When brazing, only
    braze one corner, assemble engine and wheel, so you can get a handle on chain path. Use a hammer to tap bracket, and align it parallel to chainpath. Once that's cool, dissassemble, and resume brazing.

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  2. jrowse

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    That's nice! i like that much better than what i have
  3. tooljunkie

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    may do something like this myself.
    thanks for posting.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    That's pretty impressive....

    I've seen some nice tensioner ideas here. But this one looks like it's a match for the best, but with more elegance.

    (If that's the right word. Simplicity and looks like it was made right along with the bike.)
  5. james65

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    I second Bluegoatwoods assesment of the tensioner. Straight forward and functional.
  6. cosworth

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    Where did you get the parts from?
  7. That's pretty but on my "China Girl" I heaved the idler and stuck a half-link in the peddle chain and removed the necessary drive chain links. Just right.