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    Ok, I am a noob and I have lots of questions, so first off thanks for being patient with me. I have searched the threads and can't find an answer. I am installing a DAX 70cc on an old steel frame 10 speed "mountain" bike and the drive chain is way too long. What is the best way to remove some links, and is it normal to have to do this?




    Pictures would be awesome

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    Yup, it's normal.

    There's two common ways of getting the chain the right length. One would be a motorcycle chain breaker. A few of the vendors have them for about $30.00 or so.

    Or you can put your chain in place and figure where you want to cut it. Then put that link on a bench grinder and grind off the head of the pin. Drive the pin out with a narrow punch and your chain is cut. Careful that you don't go one link too far. But there's a way around that, too. You could just get yourself two master links. Space them about a foot apart. The length of chain between them is what you adjust by cutting out links. If you go too far, then you just get out a new length from your scrap. Keeps you from having to replace an entire chain.
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    Here's a sketch showing the grinder method:-

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