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i was just thinking about my upcoming installation, and the thought occured that i will probably need to remove links from the drive chain in order to make it the proper length. i have worked w/ chain before but i no longer have any of the necessary tools. i believe the kit comes w/ .415 or .081 chain and i'd like to know how to work w/ it. is it bike chain or what? and if it isn't, where do i go about finding and affordable chain breaker? i would really appreciate any input as i am trying to get everything squared away before my kit arrives.
i found one for bicycle chain on ebay but i didn't know if the setup used bike chain or what. i couldn't really find any info on types of chain and how to work w/ them. so should i go w/ the tool for bike chain?
I think that most chain breakers are universal. The chain that I got for my bike is different than my regular bicycle chain, but the all the bicycle chain breakers that I have used for it work fine.
415 chain

the chain is easy you can get a small nail drive put the pin you want to remove on a closepin and tap the pin out I have a small anval that has a hole in it so I just line the pin up with the hole and tap...or you can buy a chain tool at wall mart but you will have to remove the 2 tags in it the chains we use are to can get a replacement chain at one of those places that sell and install garage door openers the old chains work great and the comapnies usualy throw them away some times they will evern cut the chains to fit the bike :LOL:
One thing I like to do is once I have the chain together and on the bike I will mark the master link after about 30 miles + or - the chain will strech and you can either re adjust the tension wheeel or some times you have to remove a link or 2.

i asked the same question to and he said
"You do not need a chain breaker. All you do is grind the titties flush with the link and then pop the link off with a screw driver and a hammer..thanks..Enjoy the ride"
he's the same guy I bought mine from. Dunno why he ships a motorcycle chain with his kit but I went to a bike shop, bought a single speed bike chain for 10 bucks and used a mini chain tool to break that one. It was about 5000x easier than messing with that motorcycle chain.
Chain Sizing.

To remove links from either chain is no big deal. All you have to do is grind the tips smooth with the link and then a hammer and screw driver pop it off. No big deal. For the 081 you can use a bicycle chain breaker and this tool can be had at Walmart for 10 bucks or so . Using the chain breaker for the 081 chain will allow you to add or remove links. Grinding only allows removal of links. Do not come up short either way. Coming up short is not a good thing. Enjoy the ride....Duane at ...Thanks.. :D