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  1. T Rock

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    I built my first bike last week with a flying horse 66cc and it came with a heavy duty 415 chain, great!
    I am building another bike this week and got the Grubee GT-5 slant head kit, and it came with a small regular bicycle style chain.
    Does anybody have any experience with these small chains? Do you think it will hold up to the Grubee 66cc slant head engine? to me it looks kind of weak compaired to a 415 chain, im just sayin!

  2. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    No problem with my Grubee 66 and chain.
    I actually find it handy because I mess with both chain sizes to get the drive chain perfect without a tensioner on it, and then mess with the pedal chain.
  3. jared8783

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    please dont quote me on this but if it is the same size as standard bicycle chain i beleive you could go to your local bicycle shop and buy some heavy duty bmx chain that is tougher than 415

    i could be wrong but i know they do make some extremely tough bmx chain
  4. fm2200

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    I never understood the bmx bike I found in the trash had the thickest crank arms ever. Why would they beef up a part like that, that part never fails. The pedal stems where equally as thick, I can't see the reason for this kind of heavy gauge equipment. The kids that are using these bikes are 140 lbs max. I got the bike for spare parts, but a lot of it was to heavy duty to use.