drive rollers for 1/2" shaft?

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    I'm making a custom friction-drive build for my bicycle.

    The Staton rollers are readily available, and I have read that they are hardenend steel, but I am looking for something that will slide onto a 1/2" shaft.

    It looks like they slide onto a 5/8" shaft?

    I am considering making brass bushings to take up the space between the 1/2-inch shaft and some steel BMX pegs, but it would be great if I could find an off-the-shelf solution.

    Any help is very appreciated.

  2. srdavo

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    The Staton rollers are one-pieced. (shaft & roller)

    I like where you are going here... a home-built alternative. I've been daydreaming about that for years.
    :idea: maybe we should put our heads together.

    Yes... the rollers are hardened.
    Can you believe that a rubber tire can wear down a hardened steel roller? (rubber tire.... combined with road grit.)
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    I had the same dream about friction roller interchangeabilities between Staton and BMP drive kits, so I experimented.:idea:

    1. Remove engine, clutch drum, shaft and 1.375"(OD) X .50"(ID) bearings from the BMP drive housing.

    2. Install outboard 1.375"(OD) X .625"(ID) bearing, which fits Staton rollers.

    3. Lightly sand Staton ends. This converts the spindle from Staton's pressfit feature to BMP's slipfit.

    4. Install Staton roller, inside bearing, Staton or BMP clutchdrum spacer(s) and drum.

    5. Fab and install a simple retainer for the outboard bearing. If not, the bearing will fall out while riding(Ask me how I know this:whistling:).

    6. Instead of using the retainer, you COULD reverse the outboard bearing, so that the c-clip is on the inside of the housing. However, you will have a fraction of an inch less bearing support for the friction roller's outer end.:detective:

    7. Install engine and enjoy. :grin5:
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  4. Happy Valley

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    I have a number of new, original equipment friction drive rollers the same as BMP used with the one-way bearing that are made for a 1/2" shaft and have a knurled steel 1 1/4" outside diameter.

    If interested I can be contacted at osprey*
    (use @ instead of the *)
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