Engine Trouble Drive Sprocket


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7:42 AM
Dec 20, 2022
So I have a minarelli hybrid with a saf clitch that the mandrel stripped at setup then one of the 3 springs flew off while the stripped mandrel was in so I replaced the mandrel then got another spring now it’s broken 2 woodruffs within a 30 minute span and the nut that hold the basket to the shaft keeps loosening so my thought is replace the clutch shaft so i have a bottom end I took one off of but now the drive sprocket on my engine is stuck as in it won’t come off with the tool supplied with the engine kits been a really frustrating process only way of transportation nd I haven’t been able to even have a good days ride yet and for people wondering no
my dumbass didn’t put the engine together it is a Don Butler Engine so it’s not a adjustment issue or how it was pieced together i really ready to sell but I can’t as I’ll then definitely have no ride and i need it as i live in the desert live 25 miles from town then everything is still a mile or more of someone can help it’d be highly appreciated I don’t want to mess this engine up