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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by bullsmj23n, May 16, 2011.

  1. bullsmj23n

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    Okay, so i am new

    I have been researching some of the drive trains, it seems like the belt setup is the easiest and simplest?, I've seen a photo of a belt drive bolted to the spokes of the tire, i am using the 6.5 hp engine from hf, can you guys chime in pls?, and maybe post me to some links to get some parts :), ty.

  2. rustycase

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    The belt drive setup you probably saw might have come from GEBE. They post an ad here.
    That $80 HF 6.5hp Greyhound motor sure is a great deal, isn't it?
    I should buy a couple of em just to have around...
    Kinda bigger than most used around here on MBs.
  3. shiloh0

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    i don't think the 6.5 clone engine is suitable for a bicycle. its too massive for one thing, and unless you are talented at jack-shafting, it's gonna be way unbalanced from sticking out the right side of the bike frame. the cylinder is aimed backwards too which would make it extremely hard to accomodate a pedal drive required to ride on the road legally.
  4. rustycase

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    weight, mass

    I'm in the group that hopes the greyhound 6.5 will be great for a bike, but I do agree it is heavier than the china engines and could really create handling problems if rack mounted.
    CG of the mass doesn't really seem to get a whole lot of attention, here in MBland... I'm surprised.
    I'm about to take my sawzall to a panther clone just to get a china engine lower. I've repaired most the problems with the basketcase as bought, but I just can not get past the high motor mounting position, and the long drive chain run.
    If I can finish the weed abatement here to avoid close encounters with the local FD, with enough spare time, I'm gonna axe that frame and see what it will take to get it in a more acceptable position.

    I really do like the rack mounts, friction and belt drive. Perhaps better than a high mount in a stock frame... But I'd use one of the micro 4cycle engines, if not a 2cycle.

    Without springing for whatever the fees are, in advance, running a greyhound 6.5 will more or less guarantee you some fun time in the court system.

    It's all good!
  5. shiloh0

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    rustycase, i know where youre coming from, i bought one of these engines @ $74.97 just cause it was such a great bargain. my dad has one on a mini bike and it is a raw-dog indeed. i think the engine would be best utilized as a board track racer build. i am in process of jacking one together now and the 6.5 fits right in there. i will try to attach a picture of the frame to show it. it just fits but keep in mind that the gas tank and some exterior sheet metal would be removed to get to the vintage look. sorry for the pic quality, cell phone cam

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