Driverless cars?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by darwin, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. darwin

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    Since these seem to be a reality now I have a ?. Who gets the ticket when the cars pulled over for speeding or whatever? Will that car pull over if the popo lights it up or will it elude the popo?

  2. grinningremlin

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    My guess is every car using that tech will be much like the onstar "Big-Brother" cars, they can shut them down anytime they like, and know where they are at all times.
    In general a bad idea, I know others will say "think of the convenience, and fuel savings" but I've seen too many computers in America that have some crazy glitch you have to remedy.If for transporting goods on their own dedicated lanes, good idea, transporting people, bad idea(possible good populace control???).Much the reason it hasn't been done in air transport, could easily be done, would perform better than humans, but think of all the recalled computer vehicle problems.When the plane is about to hit a mountain a person sweats, s.h.i.t.s. his (or her) pants and figures something out.A computer could care less if it dies.
  3. Dankoozy

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    Boring as f**k. I even hate cars with automatic gearboxes because they're too boring. I just hope no "moms against human drivers" action group will start up to try and ban people from driving their own cars because thats what the risk-averse Daily Mail reading talk show phoning bleeding heart crowd will most likely be agitating for. "But what if he hits a child! A computer could have possibly swerved .1 of a second earlier and avoided him, ban all drivers!" Some people hate driving but feck it I'm certainly not one of those people and I hope they'll let me the hell alone.
  4. Fabian

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    What i want to know is how the government will at very least maintain it's traffic based revenue stream if we all switch to driverless cars. History proves that ever increasing traffic based revenue is far too addictive for any government to give up, without a fight.

    What kind of software will need to be installed to allow driverless cars to reliably break the road rules and the courts given legislation to prevent owners from suing the automobile manufacturers for financial damages, because that is the only way such technology will be allowed.
  5. sparky

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    Anybody who thinks that the "average" computer won't be able to drive better than the "average" person is going to be in for a treat.

    Will I be the first one to buy Volvo's driverless car? Nope... but I just might buy the last model of their 3rd or 4th generation. I'm gonna try to stick with OBD1 and OBD2 as long as I possibly can.

    What will government do with less revenue? The only thing they can do... DOWNSIZE!! Then perhaps when the people aren't the ones behind the wheel, the government will sneak in a North American Union deal to make all of North America more efficient. Then as I'm nearing my death, the NAU, EU, and AU will merge so that there will be no more arguments as to who strips the last of Africa's riches.
  6. geebt48cc

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    Yeah, I hear you guys.................Uno, in this area, there are a few MB's running around without riders. It's very confusing to see. The MB's do obey all traffic laws.

    (There very fast also............guess do to the lack of weight of rider?!~)
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  7. grinningremlin

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    Much like the difference between a flight simulator and the variables of actual flight; in perfect conditions a computer will always outperform a human, but conditions changes in the real world that take instant adjustments, I wouldn't feel comfortable letting a PC take care of some of it.Though it would be cool to set coordinates during a long drive, and wake up at your destination.
    Either way, too many of these conveniences are turning us into Eloi.
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  8. Fabian

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    That is such a perfect summerisation of why big government exists for they are the Morlocks living in their legal bunkers; out of sight and protected from those that they feed upon.
  9. geebt48cc

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    Once again...............It's GERMAN TIME!!~

    See, AUDI was one of the very first!!!!!!~