Driving at dark times-Cygolite



I work early mornings and really investigated just what kind of headlights are available. I found Cygo Lites to be my best deal. The next thing was to study what light would work best for my trips. This company makes about 15 different types. I found the NIGHT-ROVER NiMH to be great for getting a great view of the road and the battery recharge will work for years with the right care. These headlights are not cheap. I shopped around and got mine with shipping for a total of $60. something dollars. Except this one online shop all others were in the $90. something. This light so far has been well worth the money. I ran into a deer with my kz 650 last year and a strong headlight for me is a must. Not that I have any better chance of missing a deercrossing....I just feel this is a great safety thing. Hope I can help someone see the light!


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Dec 15, 2006
keep us informed on how your light handles the vibration :)
have heard our bikes kill good lights :(

p.s. I hit a deer once with my tow truck and it wasn't pretty...glad it wasn't on a bike :eek: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


I run a pair of them on my GT5 with a 12volt motorcycle battery ,I recharge it after each uses its good for about 2 hrs of on time.
I got them at autozone for 19.95 and the battery for 27.00 and just a simple on/off 12v switch


just remember NiMH batteries are really never dead. Process to repair them.

Beat up with hammer "not enough to break it" just to bust the crystals inside.
Charge to full charge or what would be full charge.
Take paperclip or some other form of metal that is handy that you can bend around and touch the positive to negative 2 times then reverse it and tap negative then positive. Charge to full charge and enjoy a brand new battery :)

My drill would not hold a charge for a day I did this its held its charge for nearly a month so far and its not slowing down! Its like its brand new.

PLEASE remember when you short circuit the battery the metal being used will get EXTREMELY hot and burn you so be sure to hold it with something like pliers.

DO NOT hold it on the contact long just a fast tap.

NOTE: I am not responsible for blown off limbs, digits or any other mutilation that would incur with the body due to using this method use at your own risk. I am only speaking from personal experience.

Where I got the idea!


The comments of instructibles gave me the idea as I do not have a welder. And I don't like that idea anyway :)

Note the burn marks on the contacts that will occur when your short circuit it. However all batteries have the notice that burns/fire may result so again its up to you but it works for me :) Those batteries cost so much it was worth it for me to try at least.

And please for the love of all that is holy do not try it with other battery types such as lithium unless you want a metal fire.... think dell laptop explosions... :eek:




Ohh and back on the real topic at hand does anybody know of a NiMH battery light that is decent? All I can find is the lithium.. :censored: