Driving legal in Punta Gorda Florida A Bicycle Friendly City

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    Had I conversation today with a Sargent of the Local Police Force here in Punta Gorda Florida. I will edit but it went like this.
    Are Motorized bicycles legal to ride in the city?
    Do you mean bikes with pedals and motors?
    Yes with pedals.
    Yes they are legal to ride.
    Where can they be ridden?
    They can go anywhere a bicycle can go.
    Can they go on bike paths?
    Yes they can go on bike paths and even sidewalks. But they must yield to non motorized bikes and pedestrians.
    Do you consider them motor vehicles?
    No they are not motor vehicles and need no tag or license. However when riding in the street they must follow all motor vehicle regulations ie; riding with traffic and the like.
    Does the same apply to the County Sheriff Department?
    As far as I know yes it does
    ( I had already asked that question to the sheriff department and was assured there was no problem)

    Move to Punta Gorda! Where you can be without license and tag and best don't have to charge batteries.. WOO HOO

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    Cool Gene!

    Very Nice!


    Just curious, what made you decide talk to the Sergeant?
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  3. Gene

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    He was washing his patrol car at the car wash and I was in the next bay.
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    I don't know why, it sounds funny! In a good way! :)

    For me, i'd rather not talk to a Police Officer about it.

  5. Gene

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    What is so great is because we are a recognized Bicycle Friendly City we can use our motorized bikes on all the new bike trails that link the city and the harbor parks and bike paths that link the South end of the City with downtown. I am very glad I asked this officer or would have assumed all the wrong thing.
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    Good deal Gene! Looking forward to more.