DRUNK and Stranded MBer at 1 PM

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    So I'm driving home after running a few errands, about 30 minutes ago. I'm a block away from my house in the outskirts of Downtown near San Antonio college, in the Art district. I see a fellow MBer on the sidewalk fidling with his chain or clutch or something. He is tooless (And toothless but i didn't know at that point). I flip the car around and put my hazards on. "You need some help budy? I'm a motor bicyclist also, I live a couple of blocks from here and I can come right back with my tools."

    At this point it became frightfully obvious to me that the guy was drunk off his gourd and probably homeless. He probably stole the bike, but I wasn't going to make judgements; I already promised help.

    So I come back on my bike and see that the aluminum handle to his clutch was snapped in half. I explained to him that I couldn't start it for him because once it was started it wasn't going to stop until he was done with his trip. I couldnt see a man in his condition pulling it off anyway but I explained to him what he had to do to rig it and to "be carefull"!

    In retrospect, I probably should have told him that he was screwed, hide the bike in a bush, chain it to a light post near a respectable establishment, and live to fight another day. Poor old man. I hope he makes it through the day.