Dual Chain Shot Out In 5 Weeks "Questions"

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Stoltzee, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Well it didn't take long for the dual chain in the Hoot gearbox to stretch out, but at least I caught it before it came off. Tried to rig a temporary tensioner until I can buy "another/other" transmission. Since I have to replace it with one of a better quality I took a chunk of aluminum, drilled a hole, found a bolt and a couple of nuts, and made a tensioner. Unfortunately it's quite noisy, and I think it's affecting the engine slightly. Sure wish I had a used plastic roller from a tensioner, or at least one of those plastic cutting boards from the kitchen.
    I can't afford a Q-matic from EZM right now, but that's what I need and want.

    1. What is the easiest way to know the shaft diameter on the Huasheng 142F?: (Purchased 2 months ago).

    2.Where can I order "just" the dual chain for now?:ack2:

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    What kit did your double chain gearbox come with?
    Who did you buy it from?
    How many miles do you have on it?

    Your Huasheng has the tapered shaft which would need an
    adapter from EZM to work with the Q Matic which would cost

    Dual chain gearbox is sold on ebay

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    The huasheng 142f Flying Horse from BB. I may have 250 miles on it. The clutch looks real good still.
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    I think I'll just buy a 4G. It has a comfortable price range.