Dual Pull Brake Lever


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Sep 26, 2022
Clinton County Illinois
I am doing a build on an old road bike with a flat type handlebar. I think I need to use a dual pull brake lever on the right side.
Does anyone know if the dual pull levers work ok? I am wondering if the adjustment will be tricky and whether the lever pull tension will be harder
because of the dual setup. I just have standard caliper type rim brakes on this.
Thanks John
I've used 3 different dual-pull levers.

I would recommend 2, but not the 3rd.

The "Sunlight" Dual Pull lever... works great...


I am currently using this version... also seems to work great but uses a different "end" for the brake line than the standard barrel. It does have an electric switch attached for brake light... which is why I am using it.


This is the one I can not recommend. It's the ZEDA brand dual-pull lever. The way it's built the brake line closer to you gets pulled at about 1/2 the rate as the brake line further from you. I can not recommend it... I replaced mine.

The one I got is the Sunlite. My kit is a Zeda, but it didn't include a brake lever.
So is the idea that you want to adjust the back caliper to grab less?
Thanks for the help! John
The "Sunlight" Dual Pull lever... works great...
Yes it does, and thats the one I use now since I dumped the Zeda one...lol.

if you end up wanting the Zeda model... I'll sell you mine for 1/2 the price.
You would have to pay me double the price to take it off your hands...lol...lol.

The one I got is the Sunlite.
Stick with the Sunlight, remember that when you adjust it, to follow @Chainlube instructions, you will want the front to grab first since it has more stopping power.
I recommend the 2nd listed in the pictures. Even pull across

I use this same lever, but with a thumb throttle built in. The brake light is nice, and has survived 2 years of my use and abuse.
And I'll just make a note of that, for $16 it has exceeded my expectations. I sell them in my kits, thumb throttle, or the combo.
Seems like a good price and product. Is the thumb throttle a separate thing? I also need to upgrade my other bike
(which now has just the back caliper hooked up) if this new build works out. Thanks John