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    Hello all...

    In the very early stages of building and designing right now, but it seems very doable with not much cost involved!

    What I am in the process of making is a dual purpose power source which would power a small push trailer, and then be easily removed from the trailer and be used as a rack mount poser source.

    The trailer, when used, would be attached to the rack mount by a 1/2" bolt serving as the trailer hitch. When the trailer is removed the throttle cable would be carried over with the engine to the rack mount, and the trailer easily removed!

    The power source would be the infamous $89 TANAKA PF3300 running either way via a jackshaft and gearbox.

    The gearing of the trailer with an 11" tire would be 16.20 to 1 which would top out at 22.2 miles per hour.

    The gearing of the rack mount with 26" tire would be 20.00 to 1 which would top out at 42.5 miles per hour.

    Attached in the pictures, you will see the engine and pillow block bearings for the jackshaft will be attached to a standard horizontal shaft engine mounting plate. This unit itself is what will be easily removed from the trailer and placed into a rack mount when wanted.

    I will give detailed info through the course of the build and keep the thread updated.

    My approach is to fully build the trailer first and create the "power unit".... then build the rack mount and reverse engineer a way to fit in the "power unit" and have it easily mount to it.

    The rack mount will be along the lines of how a friction drive is mounted to a bicycle.

    The "power unit" with attached jackshaft with need to be "re geared"... BUT if my math is correct, all would need to be done is reverse the 9 tooth and 15 tooth sprocket on the jackshaft.

    All sprockets and chains will be most likely #410 pitch for ease of use...

    Waiting for the sprockets and keyed shaft to come from Staton so I can make sure the sprocket fits under the engine before attaching the pillow block bearings

    More to come when parts arrive

    Any thoughts or ideas are more then welcomed...

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    looks good :likelots:

    keep us posted,