Dual Suspension 66cc - Kent Glendale CS Bike

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    Hi, guys. after building and blowing up 3 of these chicom bike engines, and riding HUNDREDS(really!) of miles up and down the highway, I decided to join yall here and share experiences, and what works and what dont! I'd like to show you guys my latest proto type. I've been chsing the holy grail of motorized biking for the last four years. The motorized bike with dual suspension! This may not sound like much of a big deal, but it is if you build one with the engine in the middle of the frame! Out here in central Texas, half of the roads in my town are dirt and unpaved. Need I say more on riding a hard tail? I got tired of the potholes beating up on my butt, back, body, and had long wished for something with dual suspension. Most dual suspension bikes have all the components in the middle of the frame where the enging wont fit. But I found a model and made it work! My urban..uh.......'Rural assault vehicle' is built on a "Kent Glendale CS dual suspension" 7 speed bicycle! SMOOTHEST ride yet! I can hardly feel the engine vibrate! HOOOO! BOY! Of course I had to modify it a little to get all the goodies to fit properly. Has any one else built on a dual suspension frame?

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    this is the frame you needed

    this is an old specialized bike

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