Dual Suspension 66cc - Kent Glendale CS Bike

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    Hi, guys! OK. Here I go again, I get the motorized bike forums confused, so Im posting what I did at the other place. Yeah,I know I'm lazy, but:cool2: after building and blowing up 3 of these chicom bike engines, and riding HUNDREDS(really!) of miles up and down the highway, I decided to join yall here and share experiences, and what works and what dont! I'd like to show you guys my latest proto type. I've been chsing the holy grail of motorized biking for the last four years. The motorized bike with dual suspension! This may not sound like much of a big deal, but it is if you build one with the engine in the middle of the frame! Out here in central Texas, half of the roads in my town are dirt and unpaved. Need I say more on riding a hard tail? I got tired of the potholes beating up on my butt, back, body, and had long wished for something with dual suspension. Most dual suspension bikes have all the components in the middle of the frame where the enging wont fit. But I found a model and made it work! My urban..uh.......'Rural assault vehicle' is built on a "Kent Glendale CS dual suspension" 7 speed bicycle! SMOOTHEST ride yet! I can hardly feel the engine vibrate! HOOOO! BOY! Of course I had to modify it a little to get all the goodies to fit properly. Has any one else built on a dual suspension frame?

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    Great Looking Bike

    Awesome... Great looking bike!
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    Nashbar has suspension seat posts with shims to fit, for $19.99 right now. They aren't going to make your bike "full suspension" but they do help your back, esp if you carry a backpack to work.
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    I was thinking about doing that with my carburetor (moving it behind the seat via a tube, hose, or pipe.)

    How does it run for you? I bet it runs great, but is a little harder to start. What do you think?
    Do you have any threads or posts about this? (how to, tips, parts list etc)

    Good job on the chain tensioner idea. Thats one I haven't seen yet (looks like a common one that you converted to allow the roller to slide up and down.

    I'd say its a full suspension, but some bike geeks would insist on calling it a soft tail and swear its not a FS bike. I think its cool though. Is it a dept. store bike? I have never seen one like it. It looks like a "comfort bike" but has been made into a pretty tough looking MB. Good job.
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    That's a great idea air filter.
    What do you think of the expansion chamber?
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    These -Unique No Spoke 26" Bike Rims-For 7 Gears:Satin Black- are going to be mine
    I'm going to buy me those same exact wheels. So you were saying that they have sealed bearings?
  7. Here's the 1 my son and built

    We put together a Kent CS. I love Riding it. Magadrive & SBP jackshaft. It Flies

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  8. I have used a Kent Avalon bike for several of my motored bikes. Your Kent Glendale looks identical to the Avalon version. Walmart sells the Kent Avalon as the "Next" Avalon 7 speed comfort bike for about $100.00. Target and K-Mart sell it as a Kent Avalon for about the same price. The central frame is aluminum, but both front and back forks, the pedal cranks, seat post, handle bar, and steering head post are all steel, I suppose to save money. I replaced the cranks and steering head post with alloy parts to save a little weight. The brake pads suck, but a set of good coolstops or Rav-Xs cures that problem. I also replaced the v-brakes with longer units for more brake leverage and to clear the fenders I added. The tires, tubes, and seat are also junk, again no big deal to fix. Keep a close eye on the aluminum frame joints as Kent has had problems in the past with aluminum frame weld joints cracking. The only drawback in the rear suspension is that the travel is fairly short. It really isn't bad at all and is a little lighter than the usual rocker with a spring in the middle of the frame. Any travel at all is 100% better than none.

    My most recent e-bike is based on a Kent Avalon and my last gas engined bike, stolen long ago, was also based on a Kent Avalon. For a dirt cheap Chinese made bike the quality is pretty fair, once you replace the crappy stuff.

    My Kent full suspension gas engined bike used a Subaru Robin EHO35 on a GEBE drive system and it was an awesome ride, smooth as glass, fast enough, and very comfortable. The 48 Volt e-bike is also smooth, fast, and a nice comfortable ride.
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    I have this frame, no susp. And a 3 speed with a coaster brake. Called a next monterey bay. Always wondered if a 66cc ht would fit that funky down tube.
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    i have a next comfort full suspention bike i did had to cut the frame and aluminum weld mount but ive had it four years and just put new engine on it runs great im 64yrs old and your right my back and legs wont work with no suspention as i have acoaster bike old model and i hate it still take only few times:helmet: ur bike does look good and let us no how its been going:D:jester:
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    So does the intake get longer if you tell a lie?
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    Better late than never:

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    What do you use to connect the sprocket to that style wheel? I feel like it's something I haven't seen before. I have had two different connectors and I have a magnesium wheel but I feel like you have something better than the 9 bolt rubber ri g deall