Dual Wheel Drive, will it work?

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    Hello all,

    Have thought...have searched....have not found, now im hoping im not going to be the lab rat.

    ok i'd like to travel the world, and by bike is my prefered way: cheap, you can go whee you want get to meet real friendly people away from airports etc.

    My IDEA :jester:

    Dual wheel Friction drive with Robin Subaru eho35,

    I like it because its simple,light,quiet, I can contiune on just one engine if one breaks. I can carry lesss engine spares. staton seam to have good part supply. and the friction/wear is spread between two wheels.

    my concerens are for my type of riding i.e. long distance potenially hilly with 30 lbs of stuff/17 kg plus me 190 lbs/90kg will this work?

    are there any othere ideas you thing are more suitable?

    ps I lived in the uk for 20 years so will be avoiding all rainy countries :)

    pps i did plan to do my last tour motorised but the engine did not get sent :shout: due to it smelling of gas

    ppps my next tour i hope to be around europe and north africa :)

    thanks all :detective:
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    "The Dragon Lady" had twin Mitsubishi 2.2hp engines w/friction drive, one on each wheel. I used 1.5" rollers, and this was on a girlie cruiser bike.

    The biggest problem was filling the saddle tanks. I had to literally run the bike up a tree stump to fill the tanks. Then I plumbed in a 2-quart Happy Time fuel tank, but the front tank location was the same height as the petcock. I tried using a siphon pump to fill the tanks. I also tried a 12-volt electric fuel pump from a VW Bug engine.

    Hills were not a problem, but I should've use a multi-speed bike.

    Low and midrange was AWESOME.
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    thats great below is the link for all.

    wow the concept seams to work, glad the info is coming from such a quality source as you 5-7


    "You know if I was to cross the USA on a motor bicycle. That would be the setup and pull a trailer with sleeping gear and parts. "

    im gueassing weight wise its pretty good, my intended bike is circa 11 kg plus a friction drive kit at lets say 6.5 kg =24kg for a pretty decent powered bike.

    what would you think of using two TANAKA PF3300?

    p.s. thanks 5-7heavan, would love to come and say thanks in person for all past help as well you living in hawaii has nothing to do with it :) and also no san fran to hawaii bridge yet...

    when you say which you had it on a multi speed bike is that because you required assistance on hills or assiing in crusing?

    and low mid range meaning that a low speed high torque i.e. hills it was good ? what type of grades thx
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    Thanks for props, fireball_jones.

    I think Tanaka 33 engines would work well.

    Yes, multi-speed bikes would work better, as well as at least a front suspension fork.
  5. fireball_jones

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    Think i may go with the Robin subaru i like the specs, yes alittle heaveir and more expensive 200 usd :( and louder but better torque power and no mixing req spec below for all to reference.

    Hope its good enough for "the hills" :)

    only thing is now waiting until my contract in africa finishs in september then ill be off for as long as possible before i want/need to settle down. Any advice in the next nine months before the baby come appreciated :) im got time to change my mind.. then chnage it back to my original idea :)

    Tanaka pf33
    - Cylinder Plating: Chrome
    - Piston Rings: 2
    - Displacement (cc): 32
    - Bore X Stroke (mm): 37 x 30
    - Compression Ratio: 7.0:1
    - Maximum H.P.: 1.6
    - Maximum Torque KG M Ft. Lbs.: 0.16 (1.16) @ 5000 rpm
    - Idling RPM: 3000+/- 200
    - Rotation (Recoil Side): Clockwise
    - Fuel Capacity - FL. OZ. (CC): 700 (23.8)
    - Primer Bulb: Yes
    - Clutch Diameter (mm): 78mm
    - Spark Plug: CJ6Y (Champion)
    - Ignition System: TCI
    - Engine Dimentions - LxWxH (mm): 171 x 243 x 242
    - Engine Weight - Lbs. (KG): 6.1 (2.8)
    - MISC.
    - EPA Phase 2 Compliant: yes
    - C.A.R.B. Tier II Compliant: yes
    - Gas / Oil Ratio: 50:1
    Shaft Horizontal
    Cylinders 1
    Displacement 33.5
    Cycles 4
    Fuel Gasoline
    Max HP/RPM (Gross HP) 1.6/7000
    Max KW/RPM 1.18/7000
    Continuous HP/RPM 1.1/7000
    Max Torque ftlbs/RPM 1.30/5000
    Max Nm/RPM 1.76/5000
    Bore x Stroke mm 39 x 28
    Compression Ratio 8.6:1
    Starter Recoil
    Dry Weight lbs 8
    Dry Weight kg 3.5
    Length inches (mm) 191
    Width inches (mm) 234
    Height inches (mm) 246
    Fuel Capicity US Gallons (ltrs) 0.17
    Fuel Capacity Fl oz (ltrs) 0.65
    Lube Type Engine Oil SAE 10W-30 SF or higher
    Oil Capicity Fl oz (ltrs) 3.4

    In his ad copy, Dennis states the Tanaka 32 is 2dBA quieter than the 35cc Robin when both are at 27~28mph. I want to order this Wendsday...*sigh*
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    As an alternative, how about a friction gas motor on one end and a 24v electric hub motor on the other. I have been contemplating that one.
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    I'd suggest you use a tandem bike and run twin engines w/thatsdax chain drive, at least for the rear. Then no slipping whatsoever. You can prolly modify this chain drive to run up front. Using a front disc hub, you can easily mount a sprocket on the wheel.

    With a tandem, you can install TWO 4-liter Happy Time tanks, one for each engine. Your range will be 5.33 times farther with 4-liter tanks. Just make sure the petcocks are higher than the carbs.

    You will have more storage space with tandem. I've also hear that stability and handling are better. If I was doing a long-distance ride, that's the frame I'd use.

    Twin engines would motorvate a tandem well.