dual whizzer dilemma

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  1. dirtyoldman

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    Ok, obviously I'm new here, yesterday I purchased 2 whizzers, one appears to be a 2001 Sportsman, the other I think is a 1999 PacemakerII.

    The Sportsman has 86 miles on it and is pristine, the Pacemaker has 45 miles and is pristine as well. The are both 24inch wheels.

    I paid $500 a piece for them which I thought was a fairly good deal. I am thinking of selling the Pacemaker and keeping the Sportsman to cannibalize for building a Phoenix Bike Works Indian tribute bike.

    The dilemma is, are either bikes worth stripping for building a Indian tribute bike, or should I just sell them and build the Indian tribute bike from scratch? I'm thinking either one of them will require several hundred to be pumped into the engine, then a couple grand into the Phoenix bike frame, either way its not a cheap endeavor and I'm looking at both the smart and cost effective way to do this?

    and now some whizzer porn:

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  2. mason_man

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    The blue sportsman is a 2000.they olny made 288 of them.one of the collectibles.piston, head,and cylinder can be thermal coated to drop the temp to about 300 degrees.my chainguard decal is different.nice score for only $500. Ray

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  3. dirtyoldman

    dirtyoldman New Member

    Thanks Ray,
    hmmm, maybe the Sportsman is the one I should be selling, rather than cannibalizing?
    Any ideas what its worth?
  4. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    Hard to say,they costs $2.300 to $1.700 new.you can use it for a trade for the phoenix bike for at least that much. Ray
  5. james65

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    Dam I hate to think of either of them being sold or torn apart!
  6. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    Same Here.rare fine indeed.
  7. dirtyoldman

    dirtyoldman New Member

    So I went ahead and listed the sportsman on ebay, it should find a happy collectors home!
  8. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi dirtyoldman,

    The blue bike is in fact a 2000 Sportsman. The red bike is a 2002 Pacemaker II.

    The 2000 wasn't the only bike with a production below 288, as several later models had small production runs [I doubt the 2003 Panther, maroon NE5, yellow NE5, and green NE5 had large numbers produced].

    Both of your bikes have the WC-1 motor, and will self destruct! It isn't "if", but "when".

    Sadly cylinders & heads needed to upgrade are in very short supply.

    I am currenty working on a different approach to making the WC-1 motor stay together.

    Your investment is well protected, as the parts are becomming more valuable, and if parted out, you could easily tripple your investment.

    If you wish to keep them or one of them, you will need to upgrade the motor and replace the rear coaster brake.

    Here is what you can expect..........
    If you "baby" the motors you may make it close to 800 miles before it stops running. If you remove the restrictor, modify the exhaust, port the cylinder, or mill the head you will shorten the life of the motor. Average for a modified WC-1 motor is approx 400 miles before it stops [I managed to trash at least 40 cylinders trying to make them stay together].

    Although heat is a problem, the valve seats will loosen even with a cooler running motor.

    The rear coaster brake hub will defect with mileage, and because the spoke flanges are pressed on the hub, the extra pull of the belt sheeve will cause the flanges to move to the center of the hub. At 35 MPH the collasped rear hub can be very difficult to control [I know this from experence, as I have managed to break at least 10 rear hubs], so be very careful.

    Have fun,
  9. dirtyoldman

    dirtyoldman New Member

    Thanks for your input, I am well aware of the shortcomings of the engine, and I expect that I will be contacting you soon about upgrading the other engine (PacemakerII) as I will be keeping that one for use in building a Phoenix Bike Works frame up. Just emailed them today about the potential for 3 inch tires on Worksman 2.125 wheels and whether I can pack it all into their frame.....
  10. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    The 2000 Sportsman was only made for that year. During that year they only made them with a 24" wheel on a 24" frame. In 1949 when the first Sportsman was introduce they only made around 200 of them for that year.51 years later Whizzer reintroduce 288 of them in the year 2000.By the way yours is #94.nice.Here's a pic of my 49.

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  11. dirtyoldman

    dirtyoldman New Member

    Thanks for the info, and very nice bike you have there, wish mine had the correct frame length like yours, I would consider keeping it! But alas, its on ebay now and some guy from San Diego is winning it so far, so it won't be mine for much longer.
  12. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    The Best to you dirtyoldman. RAY