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Jun 6, 2012
I can see Detroit from here!
Just thought I'd introduse myself, and give the complete history of my bike.

My name is Steve, and I'm a recent college graduate. 21 years old. I have 2 big hobbies, 1 is my 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis, and the other is bicycles and everything to do with them. I've had a 1980 Puch Newport 2-speed Moped since I was 12, was my first form of motorized transport. Still have it. Thought it would be cool to build something alittle lighter and maybe faster, so....

Back when the flying horse 2009 engines came out, I bought a 66/80cc kit and a cheap(ish) mountain bike, and went to town. Got it together and it ran...sort of. After some messing w/ the carb, it ran pretty well, so I proceeded to ride it around, complete a break-in period (I figure about 250mi). By that point it was running great, it loved the lower fuel/oil ratio (32:1), could do about 32mph with me on it.

Then the **** hit the fan at about 500miles on it. First I busted a motor mount stud on the rear mount, flush with the block. My attempts at repairing it resulted in the block having some damage from the drill bit walking off the hard steel into the softer aluminum. I got it pretty secure with some ingenuity and the one remaining stud (upgraded to a grade-8 bolt), so I continued to ride it. Another tank full or two later, I'm down the street from my house and the motor's chain pops off, put it back not thinking anything of it, and continued on my way. Made it another few hundred feet, and my back wheel stops completely, did a sweet 50' skid mark. The chain was in 2 pieces and the master link was nowhere to be found, the chain tensioner pulley was lodged in my rear wheel, and 16 of the 32 spokes were ripped right out of the wheel.

I rebuilt the wheel with another I had lying around (I have lots of bike parts), put it on the bike, and it tried to do the same thing. This time I wasn't going very fast and it only broke 1 spoke. So I have a 31 spoke rear wheel now. It sat for a month before I even wanted to look at it. I found that no matter what I did the chain tensioner bracket would not sit tight. Don't know why, wasn't like that when I built the bike. So I got it where I wanted, tightened it as much as I could, and drilled a hole thru both halves of the bracket and the chain stay on the frame, and used a piece of one of the broken spokes to make a pin to secure the thing in place. Its as solid as its ever going to be w/o welding it to the frame.

But then the bike wouldn't start.. was not getting spark at all.. so it sat. I moved on to other projects, went to college, etc..

Yesterday I dug it out, and just for kicks, tried starting it. It started, and ran, sort of.. Its running VERY rich, spewing gas out of the air cleaner even with my smallest jet in it. It always ran alittle rich, but never this bad. Been messing with it today, got it to idle, but its still 4-stroking at all RPMs and won't do more than 20mph, and vibrates like mad. Even with fresh fuel/oil in it.

I think once I get it running right again, I'm going to revisit that motor mount. Got a new idea that I think will work nicely. I've noticed that with the motor shaking as bad as it it, there is some movement with how it is now.

Well that's it, that's my story, thanks for reading.
Welcome to the forum!
You have a very good intro there.
Good luck with the re(?)build!
Welcome and Good luck!! I prefer friction kits myself. You wouldn't have any of those problems cause none of that mess is there!!!
IT LIVES!! pulled the carb apart (standard NT carb) and bent the tabs down, effectively lowering the float, and that got me WAY closer to the ballpark of where it should be running, was able to adjust it really close from there. Managed to hit 29mph today (I remember it doing around 33 before, so its not 100% yet).

Pulled the plug and it wasn't too bad, but a flashlight to the plug hole showed alot of carbon on the piston top (no shocker there seeing as its always run rich). So the head came off, and I found something I completely forgot I had done, polished the combustion bowl on the head. :D When I got it, it had pretty noticeable casting buggers all over the head, so one of the first things I did was pull the head and clean it all up. Maybe I'll get a slant fire head or something next. Would free up a tiny bit of room in my frame.