DUI for holdig ratchet wrench


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Aug 6, 2008
DUI for holding a ratchet wrench

My only goal is to get people thinking here. If you read the previous threads and links w/dui stories, common sense tell's who deserved a FELONY and who didn't.

Common sense is obviously not being used by the police in enforcment of the law. This is no joke as the consequences to the VICTIM are dire!

Take the following into consideration. You had a few drinks and are using a ratchet, (it's mechanical) the gears inside make it a transmission!

What if the socket attatched makes a car, bicycle, skateboard or wheelchair rock an inch or two, (stubbing a toe).

Look at how rediculess they can get with this. Only a matter of time. The States held out until the Feds threatened to take away money for roads. This should tell people that previous laws on the books were just fine. Popular opion of these rediculess laws must change. I honestly don't think MADD knew the can of worms they were opening (but don't think they cared either). Thier way to feel important was just to leave a mark. Our Country (home of the free) is now scarred for life. I am no advocate of dui in a car, but on a tenspeed,skateboard,rollerblades,wheelchair is absolutely rediculess.
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There is no telling how many times I've worked in my garage with more then a few cold ones in me while fixing a car or bike.

Would this standard make me guilty of DUI as well?

Makes you think, you are right!
I think the examples are a little too far fetched but I understand your point in how far will it go.

I do agree with the premise that there seems to be a lot of police abuse in the news lately. I wonder if the police are displaying frustration from a judicial/court system that doesn't punish true criminals and returns them back to the streets.

In case you didn't know, a driving with "ability impaired" is almost as bad as a DUI when it comes to auto insurance rates (if you even qualify) and a background check is needed for even minimum wage jobs at the big box retailers. Ability impaired is purely subjective. It can be driving while tired (never admit you just got off a 12 hour work shift and are tired), driving while taking a medicine that makes you drowsy (it can be as simple as cough syrup), having a alcohol in the blood but your level isn't enough to be a DUI (baloney catch all). If police want to, they can nail you for anything. All they have to do is say you were resisting arrest and you got a charge even though the original arrest reason was bogus.
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background check

In case you didn't know, a driving with "ability impaired" is almost as bad as a DUI when it comes to auto insurance rates (if you even qualify) and a background check is needed for even minimum wage jobs at the big box retailers.

One of the things that I do is run background check for new hires for a large corporation, and I can tell you one thing, if you are denied employment because you have a DUI they are in the wrong. In most states, you need a major felony conviction to be denied employment.

IF you are denied employment based on a background check you should have been informed, received a letter with all the info, a copy of the check, as well as a way to contact the company who did the background check. This is federal law. Further more a background check can only be done after you have been offered the job, you must fill out a form with your personal info and signed off on it. Usually in this documentation there should be a statement letting you know that if the background check doesn't go through good that you could be denied employment. Also the check only goes back 7 years.

So then it comes down to the wonderful guidelines of the company as to what gets denied and the person interpreting them. For the most part the company I work doesn't give a carp about DUI. What we care about are major drug dealing charges and violent crimes. So you can be a raging drunk and I'd hire ya, but if you beat your wife go elsewhere. Also if you have a meth lab in your basement I'm not going to hire you but if you've been busted for minor possession you'll still get a job with me.

In the grocery industry if we didn't hire drinkers and recreational users you'd have no one working at all. :D
Personally I agree with Dax but see the other side also

In respect to Dax's oppinion, I agree that the Lord would'nt want to see you s**t faced. I still drink here and there tho. I don't want anybody thinking I'm bashing him.

What really set me on the topic was a few of the posts, w/ our members advocating the side of the law. My problem isn't with the law either, but rather how it's enforced.

A few of those bird brains in the story section deserved what they got, including the Lady with the hoveround (hitting a car) and the knitwit on the tenspeed in the intersection.

My gripe is when they take the law to the extreme and stop every car on the road, pull tenspeeds over late at night because your missing a reflector, why do you smell like beer? Write the guy's and let girls go, keeping them out of bars well they bellyup on the girls themselves. You wouldn't believe what I've seen go on and I won't provide details due to fear of retaliation!
In general, (Nanny Laws) are written buy the good intentions of the left.
They only want to protect us from ourselves, because they are smart
and we are not.

Please vote this year.

Just a little insite.
I work retale , Autoparts to be exact.If I had a dime for every drunk that came looking for parts for their POS. I would never need to work again.
The realy scary thing is how many of them are "working" on their brakes.I have enough of a concunc to call the cops on a few. When they come to the parts store falling down drunk, wanting brake pads for their 1975 chevrofordoge3/4 pounder surbgharger.
I've got one better on the abuse scale: Oregon's 'Speed Racing' statute.

In a nutshell is boils down to the arbitrary term 'exhibition of speed'. Think about that.

Exhibition - displaying or allowing to be seen, and speed - a motion quantifiable by a rate of travel. I.e., if they see your vehicle move, they are well within the law to cite you for exhibiting speed. Talk about leaving it to the discretion of law enforcement!
Most new laws put in place are just there to squeeze more money out of the populace for a morally and financially bankrupt government. Get this, in New Hampshire if you take a leak ANYWHERE but a designated bathroom you can be arrested and charged as a SEX OFFENDER. Figure that one out. It's just another step in a long ongoing plan to illegalize everything in order to control the citizens of this country and milk us for money and power for as long as our dear leaders possibly can. Eventually it will end up with lots of rich people and bureaucrats at the end of many high strung ropes. Just look at Mussolini at the conclusion of WWII for Italy, now thats justice, not the farce we see today.
Comfortable shoes,
You are correct but a DUI or DWI may be sufficient grounds to reject employment for positions that require operating a vehicle, a forklift, etc...etc..

Sirjakesus, the reason that urinating in public may make you a sex offendor is because the offense is often grouped together with masturbating in public or deliberately exposing yourself. Its a silly law and I'm glad I did all of my drinking 20 years ago where I often relieved myself in alleys while stumbling back home from the bar-at least I knew better not to drive back.