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  1. Quadranut

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    found this next to the trash bin yesterday. Scwinn s 50 DSX model. Just wondering what your thoughts are about mounting up my Staton friction drive unit on it ? Still reading up on mounting to a full suspension rig and any other material you know about please post it up.

    DSCF0101.jpg DSCF0102.jpg DSCF0105.jpg DSCF0106.jpg

    kinda wonder about what some people throw out as far as I can find this is a 350 to 400 dollar bike. Other than a seat and handlebar grips it's ready to go except the engine :devilish:

  2. grinningremlin

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    I have three concerns.First something may be wrong, so get a seat and ride the crap out of it (without a motor!), take it off some jumps if it seems OK, check every weld with a magnifying glass.Second, AL frames aren't really made for MAB stresses, but with the suspension you may be OK for a while.My third and biggest concern is that it may be hot/stolen.So if someone jumps on you stating it's theirs, you'll know.
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  3. Quadranut

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    thanks GG

    First it's not hot, the owner was on a local BB offering it for free or trashing it. Therefore found was not the way to express myself. Sorry bout that.

    I am pretty sure the welds are good, at least as good as new, the frame is in excellent condition ie" no scratches scrapes or dents

    As far as jumps are concerned I don't think MY " frame " would handle it either :ack2:

    I know aluminum frames aren't well suited to motorizing, but most if not all, in my opinion, box store bikes aren't suited for the task either.

    My steel tubed hard tail mountain bike is creaking and groaning and it is only a year old with about 500 miles on it.

    This type of bike was planned for but more along the lines of a custom built frame, but hey you can't beat free :grin5:
  4. grinningremlin

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    That's a different story, it's probably fine, looks brand new.You may want to play lotto on occasion when it gets big, got some good fortune there.
    It's a freebee so experiment away.I can see you need to drill some holes in the rear wheel mount, and don't have much to make a mistake with, so triple measure with calipers.The only other thing I see is possibly a long U bracket to get your drive more level.Even if you destroy the frame it's worth quite a bit in spare parts, good score.If you win millions, cut me in.
  5. Quadranut

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    GG yer in 10 % plus dividends :devilish:


    The damn rear brake cable is in the way of the center mounting hole. Go figure

    My thought is a rear disk brake. But where to find a mounting tab and how to mount it ?

    I have seen one company that makes these but can't remember where and what ................ It sucks to get old

    Point me in the right direction guys I don't wanna crash this one.
  6. keith217

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    Nice find! I've never ever found anything that good in a dumpster but.. lucky you. I'd say to experiment away with this one, but definitely check to make sure theres nothing wrong with it ( bent wheels or anything )
  7. grinningremlin

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    From what I've read it's more trouble than it's worth to convert to disc, it's been a while so maybe there are some new conversion kits or the like.
    Except for a possibility of making some arms to replace the U bracket, that are mounted on the pivot thingo the shock is mounted to, with some BIG spacers, maybe check out "lowracer"; he did some cool front mounted FD stuff.That bike is a puzzle as to mounting any drive from what I can see, I see zipties and duct tape in your future.
  8. occchopperfl

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    a. Smooth rear tire
    b. Extended longer U brace from U Channel to Bike Frame
    c. I guess youd have to attach side bars to axel/ bolt, as there seems to be no other place for it.

    U should be good to go.

  9. Quadranut

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    Red is takin this ride apart and found this so far................

    the front and rear axle are held on by a skewer similar to Staton's lift and lock
    and the damn thing is a smaller diameter than what Staton uses to hold the roller to the tire ( and GG you suggested doing a few jumps ??? JK )


    Yeah I thought of that and also thought of stud extenders but the axles are as wide as the frame and as stated above held on with a skewer and lever lock

    My first thought is to, rebuild the wheels using a longer solid axle.

    But, In pic 2 you can see a space about 1 inch wide between the upper and lower swing arms <~~~~~~~~ lack of a better description right above the axle.

    My thoughts are to fab up a couple of "clamp like " plates to bolt the rear and mid supports too.

    To the pros out there

    I appreciate your comments and your wisdom on any and all builds. May be it similar or not to what I am trying to accomplish.

    to the Admins

    You may rename this post to ..........

    "How not to mount a friction drive on a full suspension MTB "

    " How to destroy your free ride in ten steps or less "


    " This goofy F***** might have something "

    Of course, someone has already, probably, done this type of mount up, so I will now shut the hell up and open up my "Budweiser Engineering " manual.

    Have fun and ride safe.