Dutchman motorbikes frame

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by cardo, Jun 19, 2015.

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    my old 'puter won't display that page, but he used to use a girl's bike frame to which he would attach a large fuel tank to an added top bar - they were very nice

    seems he has equip to do extensive frame work
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    Like this maybe it is better:
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    that looks much different than he used to build, but from pics he seems to do a high quality build

    if I recall correctly, he was located somewhere in california
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    There are copy cat frames, and the real Grubee Skyhawk GT2.
    The fakes have no V-brake bosses for the rear wheel.

    That outfit looks to have made 2 bikes, one with each frame.
    Sadly even with the frame with V-brake bosses they didn't use them and went with just a coaster brake.

    Sorry, but good brakes are so cheap and easy to do it just irritates me when builders cheap out on safety to make an extra $20.
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    I thought he was using drum brakes but you are right, when I zoom in the different bikes he made, it seems that sometimes there are no cables linked to the front wheel....
    When you say copy cat you mean cheap copy ? (sorry my english is not so good).

    What is crazy it is the price he sells it, never less than $3.500