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    I bet this has been asked 100,000,000 times. But, I have not been able to search down any useful information pertaining to my idea. With that being said, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I am wondering how I can set up an electrical system on my bike that utilizes an on board battery. My main question is can I use a dynamo to recharge it as I run the engine much like an alternator on a car? I just ordered my first engine kit and am looking forward to installing it on my bike as my car took a dump and its going to cost me over 3k to fix. Seeing as I love my car and its paid off I figured this is a good way to save some money and get to work until I have the funds to fix it. Plus after that I'll have this awesome motorized bike to rock around town on. I have been commuting at least 56 miles a day and it is getting frustrating. Its not so much the distance and work, its the heat, and today I had to spend the day soaking wet. So the assistance of a gas engine would be awesome. I realize the "legalities" of on road use of these engines has many shades of grey. Thus in turn, it is my ultimate goal to register this thing as a moped. I'm building it on a trusty $100 700c wal mart bike I got two years ago. It has been good to me and I have logged over 6,000 miles on it replacing nothing but tires and regular maintenance parts. I'm planning on converting it to use disk breaks due to the additional speed capabilities I will be able to achieve. I have a buddy that tunes racing snowmobiles so I have learned some two stroke performance stuff and wanna see how crazy I can make my bike. My knowledge of electrical systems in general is really basic at best. So any help, input, or advice would go greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing project WR60 and its progress here.

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    firstly I have a cruiser with 12 gauge spokes. 700c is usually 14 gauge. you may destroy your wheel. You will need the 50 tooth sprocket to get the ratio right. Do you have the clearance between the cranks. I am building the same bike for highway use but the motor clip the cranks. I have found a pair of cranks of a mountain bike the bottom set axel has to change as well to the widest. Some guys mount the motor up high to avoid this then the chain become a problem. You walmart bike is a Chinese cheapy and may have the clearance. Get your self the chamber and good carby to match chamber (sickParts) You can buy 12 gauge spoke and fit then one by one all the tools and parts on ebay. Spoking lessons on youtube or simply fit a schwinn 26" foot brake rear wheel. look for fat spokes. Cheers
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    German cos are the only ones I'm aware of who sell dynamos worth a darn. They make hub and friction drive. Those cheap Asian dynamos are toys and last as long.
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